I was able to pick this up at Von's Comics during a visit to Purdue this afternoon and, boy, it is tons of fun. All of it is beautiful to look at, but, so far, I'm most looking forward to reading the next installment the Catwoman/Demon strip. My favorite art has to go to the Green Lantern page...that establishing shot of late afternoon in California actually made my heart ache a bit, wanting to be on the west coast...

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From my understanding, the format of this book was also selected as an experiment to see if it could foil online distributors by being difficult to scan with normal home scanners.
PowerBook Pete said:
It will be interesting to see how it's collected.

DC has told retailers (I don't know if it's been promoted anywhere else yet) that Wednesday Comics will initially be collected in a HC book the same size as the pages are now.
Rich Lane said:
From my understanding, the format of this book was also selected as an experiment to see if it could foil online distributors by being difficult to scan with normal home scanners.

I have not heard that before, but I think it's a good plan.

All comics should be this size!
Maybe it's me, but the interest level of this is dropping fast for me. The number of stories that I find hard to follow is growing, from the Wonder Woman story to the Teen Titans story to the Flash story, they're starting to make my head hurt. And half of the Metamorpho story space for a Snakes & Ladders gag? Are you ****ing me, Pyle?
So, I haven't read past #2 now.

We sold out of #3-5 for a bit, and I fell behind. The thought of reading 4 of these oversize things is daunting.

I retract my previous size comment.

"Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough." -Groucho Marx

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I totally gave up on the Wonder Woman story this week. I just couldn't figure out the way to follow the story from panel to panel. And what struck me was that it was directly opposite the Metal Men page, which was a joy and a delight -- almost a primer in how to do it right next to how to do it wrong.

At the core of the Metal Men's appeal is their vivid personalities, and brother, did they pick the right guy to convey vivid personality in José Luís Gárcia López! Every character in every panel has the most expressive expressions -- and not just their faces, but their posture and body language. And I'm having just as much fun with the Supergirl story, for much the same reason.
I love the Supergirl feature. It's just so adorable, and a great use of the format (there's usually a lot of funny business going on in the background, for instance.)
Between the Supergirl and Hawkman strips, I bet the airline industry's going to be very happy to see Wednesday Comics wrap up! :-)

I agree about the Wonder Woman strip being difficult to read, let alone follow. After finally getting used to the layout, it totally shifts to a top to bottom, columnar flow. Argh!! And I still have no idea what's what.

Superman has been a real disappointment to me. Six weeks in and he's still feeling sorry for himself about not bein glike the other kids.

The biggest surprise for me has been Kamandi. I've never been a fan of the comic, and wasn't looking forward to this strip. Still, it's become my favorite. Both the writing and the art are terrific. The use of the page is the best among all the strips.

Overall, I'm happy with this project and hope we get more of it.

Does anyone else own the collection of this? This massive volume stands alongside Joe Kubert's The Bible and the 1960's' Someday Funnies. Three giant volumes with beautiful artwork.

I do wonder why they never did a second volume. This volume alone had the art of Joe Kubert, Brian Stelfreeze, Ryan Sook, Amanda Conner, Eduardo Risso, and Paul Pope. And I'm sure I'm forgetting some awesome talent. Such a beautiful product.

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