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Hey, Mister President!

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Mr. Vertigo Reviews 51

Monstress Volume 1 – Awakening; Sex Criminals – Big Hard Sex Criminals Hardcover;  and Starve Vol. 2.

Short Cuts 18

The Fuse Vol. 2 – Gridlock; Nailbiter Volume 2 – Bloody Hands; Abe Sapien, Vol. 3 – Dark & Terrible & the New Race of Man; Criminal Macabre – The Eyes of Frankenstein; and Lobster Johnson, Vol. 2 – The Burning Hand.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 52

Unfollow Vol. 1 – 140 Characters; Clean Room Vol 1 – Immaculate Conception; and Constantine: The Hellblazer Volume 1 – Going Down. A Mr. Vertigo posting mainly about Vertigo comics for a change!

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 53

Rosalie Lightning – A Graphic Memoir; & The Fifth Beatle – The Brian Epstein Story.

Short Cuts 19

Deadly Class Vol. 4 – Die for Me; ODY-C, Vol. 2 – Sons of the Wolf; Nailbiter Vol. 3 – Blood in the Water; Abe Sapien, Vol. 4 – The Shape of Things to Come; and Lobster Johnson, Vol. 3 – Satan Smells a Rat.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 54

Roughneck; The Sheriff of Babylon, Volume 1- Bang. Bang. Bang.; Tokyo Ghost, Vol. 1 – Atomic Garden; and Roche Limit – Vol. 1.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 55

The Twilight Children; We Stand On Guard; and Snotgirl Vol.1 – Green Hair Don’t Care.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 56

Plutona; Chalk; & Instrumental. An Image title, a novel, and an indie comic (with soundtrack).

Short Cuts 20

Back to mostly Image Comics. Low Vol. 3 – Shore Of The Dying Light; Tokyo Ghost Volume Two – Come Join Us; Hit – 1957; Velvet Vol. 3 – The Man Who Stole the World; & Black Science Vol. 4 – Godworld.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 57

Kill or Be Killed – Volume One; Phonogram Volume 3 – The Immaterial Girl; and FBP Vol. 3 – 4 [the end].

Image and Vertigo: a snapshot of the current creator-owned universe.

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 58

Black Magick Vol. 1 – Awakening; Angel Catbird Volume 1;  & Constantine: The Hellblazer, Volume 2 – The Art of the Deal.

Mark - just thought I'd say - some of us do read these links.

I agree with your Constantine review - his 'relationship' was pushing things to be a bit trendy methinks and yes the political point scoring was a bit obvious - but on the whole I liked these two volumes.
Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod) said:

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 58

 Constantine: The Hellblazer, Volume 2 – The Art of the Deal.

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