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Short Cuts 25

Lazarus Vol. 5 – Cull; Low Vol. 4 – Outer Aspects of Inner Attitudes; Silver Volume 3; and Zomnibus Vol. 1.

Friday Fun & Games at The Voice Of ODD!

This week it's a Movie Poster Art Quiz - Attempt to identify 27 movies by poster art. (Bonus for identifying artists)

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 62

Dept. H Volume 1 – Pressure; Red Thorn Vol. 1 – Glasgow Kiss; and This Damned Band.

Actual Vertigo content this time. Plus two from Dark Horse (no Image).

Who was Dryasdust?

(If you say an imaginary person, why was he writing books 100 years ago?)

Note that while this post is SFW, not all posts are and so there is an adult warning on the blog.

The Bunker: Change the Past, Change the Future

I look at writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Joe Infurnari's creator-owned series for Oni Press. It began in 2014, but the fourth and final collection just came out in 2017.

Short Cuts 26

Injection Volume Two; East of West Volume 6; Umami; and Zomnibus Vol. 2.

Tim Seeley & Mike Norton’s Revival: The Final Two Years

The sequel to my overview of the first two years of this series (Seeley says it ran for five years, so I suppose each pair of Deluxe editions actually covers about two and a half years). Really stuck the landing on the conclusion!

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 63

Lucifer Vol. 1 – Cold Heaven; Curse Words Vol. 1 – The Devil’s Devil;  & Extremity Vol. 1 – Artist

Vertigo! and Image

Short Cuts 27

Black Science Vol. 5 – True Atonement ; The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 5 – Imperial Phase Part 1; Morning Glories Vol.10 – Expulsion;  and Bitch Planet Vol. 2 – President Bitch.

Another all-Image continuing titles edition.

Short Cuts 28

Kill or Be Killed – Volume Two; Casanova – Acedia Vol. 2; Red Thorn Vol. 2 – Mad Gods and Scotsmen; & The Fuse Vol. 3 – Perihelion.

Catching Up With The Walking Dead III

Three Walking Dead collections: Vol. 26: Call to Arms (#151-156); Vol. 27: The Whisperer War (#157-162); and Vol. 28: A Certain Doom (#163-168).

Short Cuts 29

Paper Girls Vol. 3; Descender Vol. 4 – Orbital Mechanics; Lucifer Vol. 2 – Father Lucifer;  & Nailbiter Vol. 5 – Bound By Blood.

Got an actual Vertigo title in this time!

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