Music? What song? By whom?

Podcasts? Which ones? Who's on it?

The whir of your hard drive while you defrag?

Whatever you're listening to, share it with the Legion of Superfluous Heroes!

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"Come Dancing"--the Kinks

(Actually listening to the Ultimate Collection compilation, this just happens to be the current song)

I like to find Who fans and get into arguments with them by asserting that, in the history of rock and roll, the Kinks are more important than the Who. I don't really believe that, I just like to argue :)
"Cosmonaut" by Wolfmother
Rickie Lee Jones and Joe Jackson (mostly Rickie) singing their cover of Steely Dan's "Show Biz Kids"
You know what I haven’t been listening to lately (for some reason)? Surf Guitar! I tend to associate instrumental surf guitar with scorchingly hot weather, and we’ve had something like 24 days over 100 degrees so far, 18 of them consecutive. (Travis, back me up on that.) Even when it’s not it the triple digits, it’s 99.

Last winter it was “cold” here in Texas. I had to break out my winter coat twice! I remember one lady wrote a letter to the editor of the Dallas Morning News complaining about “yankees” who point out the weather wasn’t all that bad. She went on to say she moved here for the warm weather that “hugs your soul” (that’s the exact phrase she used). I can honestly say my soul have never been hugged by the weather in the nine years I’ve lived here. Burned to a crisp, maybe, but not hugged.

What was the question?

Oh, yeah. I’m listening to “A Run for Life” by Dick Dale.
Jeff is right we have had some pretty hot weather around here. Although the high supposed to be 96, but even at 92 right now it still feels 101 due to the heat index.

I also agree with Jeff that surf guitar is pretty great. Jeff, Dick Dale was here in June, but I forgot until he had already left.
I feel like this one is particularly up Jeff of Earth-J's alley.... Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin. Not released until next Tuesday, has the whole album available for an advanced listen right now...
Holy moley, Alan, you ain't wrong! (I'll bet Mike Williams would dig it, too.)

Thanks a lot!
Now playing: Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can

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I used to listen to; It was the future of rock-n-roll! RIP WOXY

Right now I’m listening to The Glory of Gershwin, a 1994 collection of covers by the likes of Elton John, Sting, Cher, Elvia Costello, Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, etc., in anticipation of tomorrow’s release of Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin.
"Justin vs MJ" by DJ Topcat. A very fun mashup.
Right now I'm listening to Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin. (Thanks, Alan, for pointing it out.) I also picked up Symphonicities by Sting and 100 Miles From Memphis by Sheryl Crow, numbers two and three on today's playlist.
Struggle from the Subway to the Charts by Nuttin' But Stringz, a kind of hip-hop violin duo I was rooting for who were not-winners (I can't really call them losers) of a TV talent show I wached last summer. My wife bought their CD for me as a surprise.

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