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I'VE GOT SOME CORRECTIONS TO MAKE... that post I made about Louis Armstrong Christmas albums the other day. I decided to take my own advice and ordered  "What a Wonderful Christmas" as well as "The Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Christmas Collection."

LOUIS ARMSTRONG & FRIENDS - "What a Wonderful Christmas"

First of all, I assumed the "friends" were the musicians he was playing with. It's not; it's the other artists who are not Louis Armstrong whose songs are on the album. The practical upshot of this is that there are only six songs by Louis Armstrong; the other eight are by Dinah Washington, Mel Torme, Peggy Lee, Lionel Hampton, Eartha Kitt, Duke Ellington, Lena Horn and Louis Jordan. That's still a great collection.


Apparently there are two of these, one from 2010 and one from 2016. It was the track listing for the 2016 version I looked at the other day (20 songs), but it was the 2010 one (15 songs) I actually ordered. Still pretty good, though, but with only four songs by Louis. I'm not gonna kick, though, because it's got the same 10 (and one duet) by Ella the other one had.

IF one is interested in only Louis, that new Louis Wishes You a Cool Yule wouldn't be so bad after all. 

Fall weather has hit the Lone Star state and that has put me in the mood for Bob Dylan's third album of American pop standards. This one's a triple, with the songs arranged along the following themes: "'Til the Sun Goes Down," "Devil Dolls" and "Coming Home Late." 


Inspired by the "James Bond DVD..." thread - listening to Thunderball:Original Soundtrack. Listening to this album makes me realize how important John Barry's music was to the impact of the early films.

It's that time of year again! Sadly, due to rising costs, decreasing use of wall calendars and less appreciation for CD quality sound, this will be Blues Images' final CD/calendar. I have been buying these since v5 in 2008 (and retroactively back to v1). The calendar matches the first 12 songs with the artwork of the cover of the original release, but this year there are 25 songs total. Some of these songs are copied from the only known record left in existence

1. Run, Mollie, Run • Henry Thomas
2. No More Ball And Chain • Joshua White
3. Shipwreck Blues • Bessie Smith
4. Old Rounder’s Blues • Funny Paper Smith
5. Balky Mule Blues • Blind Lemon Jefferson
6. Blake’s Worried Blues • Blind Blake
7. Worn Down Daddy Blues • Ida Cox
8. Lexington Kentucky Blues • Papa Charlie Jackson
9. Big Boy Blues • Ma Rainey
10. Blue Devil Blues • Texas Alexander
11. Poor Me • Charley Patton
12. A Sermon On A Silver Dollar • Brother Fullbosom
13. Moses Go Down To Pharaoland • Brother Fullbosom
14. Gonna Play My Guitar – A Letter To Muddy Waters • Playboy Fuller
15. Freight Train In The Morning [Unreleased] • Playboy Fuller
16. Sugar Cane Highway Alternate Take [Studio Chatter] • Playboy Fuller
17. Going Back To Mobile [Unreleased] • Playboy Fuller
18. Mr. Charlie – Test [Unreleased] • Pete Franklin
19. Springtime Blues • Scrapper Blackwell
20. St. Louis Woman Blues – Test, Take 1 [Unreleased] • Irene Scruggs with Little Brother Montgomery
21. St. Louis Woman Blues – Test, Take 2 [Unreleased] • Irene Scruggs with Little Brother Montgomery
22. Beat You Doing It • Edith North Johnson
23. Whispering To My Man • Edith North Johnson
24. Ain’t Gonna Worry My Life Any More [Unreleased] • Memphis Willie Borum
25. I’m Going Away Blues • Frank Stokes

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