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ClarkKent_DC said:

ClarkKent_DC said:

But I have a burning, growing dislike of All in the Family; I could never find much entertainment in the adventures of an ignorant, bigoted lout. (Maybe because I've met too many such people in real life.) 

Richard Willis said:

Obviously our life experiences are different. The only thing I can say about it is that Archie was always shown to be ignorant and wrong, and always suffered for it.

I have dear friends whose judgment I admire and respect who look at it the same way. All I can say is, I can't share their enjoyment. 

I think I was too young to pick up on the subtlety of All In the Family at the time it was airing. I just thought it was a show about an A-hole and couldn't figure out why people watched it. Of course I also thought the Adam West Batman show was dead serious.

I just watched this and it is excellent. The creator of the documentary worked like a dog and was instrumental in Bill Finger finally getting co-creator credit. He found the granddaughter no one knew about and they pushed DC into settling and adding Finger's name to all future material starting with the Batman v Superman movie. 

Richard Willis said:

Hulu has a documentary called Batman and Bill about Bill Finger's uncredited Batman work. I haven't watched it yet but it sounds well done. It's 1 1/2 hours. Hopefully it will be available to non-Hulu viewers in the near future.

"Some Norman Lear shows I liked at the time, like The Jeffersons, Good Times and Sanford and Son..."

I'm not even going to tell you my paternal grandmother's opinion of those shows!

(I'll never forget it, though.)

Detective 445 said:

I think I was too young to pick up on the subtlety of All In the Family at the time it was airing. I just thought it was a show about an A-hole and couldn't figure out why people watched it. Of course I also thought the Adam West Batman show was dead serious.

What ... the Adam West Batman show wasn't dead serious?  bats photo bats.gif

I just watched the ER episode "Exodus." A bunch of workers from a chemical plant come in -- but their clothes are covered in benzine, and the spreading fumes contaminate the whole ER.

As the fumes spread, the doctors and nurses realize they quickly need to get people out of there. Worse, they're short of doctors -- Doctor Weaver passes out from the fumes. Doctor Benton is in surgery. Doctor Corday is riding along with EMT and gets stuck in a collapsed building. Doctor Greene is in California dealing with family issues. 

Things are often frantic in the ER, but become totally FUBAR. Desk Clark Jerry can't find the disaster plan because the day shift people moved it. Since they can't have people in the ER because of the fumes, gurneys start stacking up in the hallway. They call whoever it is they're supposed to call to say County General is closed to trauma cases --

... but the word doesn't get out fast enough, as several ambulances show up from that collapsed building. Everybody is yelling at everybody else -- the firefighters and EMTs with the new cases trying to get in, the people there telling them to get lost -- 

... and finally, Doctor Carter gets an idea. He yells for everybody to SHUT UP!!! and move into the cafeteria.

A good idea, but it creates other issues, as they have to disconnect patients and wheel them around, including a little girl who just moments earlier had started dialysis. Then as Doctor Ross and Nurse Hathaway try to take her upstairs to ICU, there's a power failure and they get stuck on the elevator!

Outside, the fire department has set up stations to decontaminate people, which means washing all that stuff off for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, there's a poor guy choking from the fumes while he's being decontaminated, and Doctor Carter -- against the wishes of the fire chief -- goes to him, which means he has to be decontaminated. There's more; there's a guy who goes into ventricular fibrillation but the battery is dead on the defibrillator. While Doctor Del Amico is doing chest compressions and Nurse Chuny is trying to move the bed closer to an outlet, Doctor Carter gets an idea: He fills a basin full of six pitchers of ice water and dunks the guy's head in it! The shock interrupts the irregular heart rhythm and wakes the guy up. 

All's well that ends well; Jerry finds the disaster plan -- which did not call for moving operations into the cafeteria, but hey, in the heat of the moment, what are you gonna do? -- and Doctor Weaver preps Doctor Carter for the media. The fire chief has a word with Carter; he's impressed with how he took charge, and invites him to lead training on disaster preparedness. He's surprised to hear Carter is just an intern.

And Doctor Greene shows up! "Did I miss anything?"

{Technically, what I watched this weekend ...}

RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion Show.  Man, that's good stuff.

I'm watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, "Heartfelt Passages." It's the episode where Sgt. Andy Dodds gets killed, the second half of a two-parter where the SVU team investigates a corrupt prison guard who has been raping female inmates. 

Lt. Benson and Sgt. Dodds come to the guard's home to get his wife and two daughters away. But they make the mistake of accepting the wife's word that she searched the home and it was free of weapons. When Lt. Benson gets the kids outside and into their van, the guard shows up, pulls a gun on Dodds and grabs his wife around the neck. 

Dodds tries to talk him down and at one point grabs the guard's gun. It goes off. Dodds is rushed to the hospital with a bullet to the gut. They do surgery and he pulls through ... but later has a stroke. 

It's a three-hanky episode. 

This evening, I watched about the last three quarters of the Netflix series Master Of None. This is one of the best shows ever on television. Aziz Ansari gives his trademark wit to a much more real-life version of himself than we've ever seen before. This is to millennials what Louie is to the Gen-X crowd. A hard version that says "reality bites". It's so good. I loved the episode where we are strung among stories connected loosely between the main characters from the beginning to the end. I loved the episodes where we just are faced with the harsh realities of real life in the dating scene. So many of those scenes were just like a gut-punch to me personally. This is such a highly-recommended series from me. It will remind you of how harsh and awesome life can be when you are in that period of life. It shows that it is so much worse in the age of texting.

Still going through ER. I watched it intermittently when it was on, and there were long stretches -- like, years -- when I didn't watch it, so there are many I haven't seen. 

One nice moment was in the third season. The bigger story was that original cast member Sherry Stringfield left. She joined the cast right after leaving NYPD Blue in its first season. But in the usual madness was a side story about one of the supporting characters, Nurse Lydia. Over the season, Lydia had struck up a romance with Police Officer Al, and he had proposed. 

But in this episode, she starts her shift bringing in her wedding dress and stuffs it into a trash can. Al's been dragging his feet on setting a wedding date, and she got fed up and broke up with him. 

Al himself comes in, heartbroken. He wants to be with Lydia, and the breakup is a wakeup call. Just before he showed up, he went to the courthouse and got the marriage license. But he couldn't find a justice of the peace; they were all taking first-aid training.

Nurse Hathaway points out there is a priest available; he had just come in to give a child last rites. Al goes to talk to Lydia, and moments later -- there's a wedding! Lydia and the nurses repair to the Nurse's Lounge, where they tease her about throwing away that old rag. Then Lydia marches out to the waiting room as the nurses sing the "Wedding March" -- "da da da da, da da da da" -- and among the doctors, nurses, waiting patients and their relatives, Lydia and Al tie the knot!

Of course, some people don't know a wedding's taking place and wander through asking for charts ... Al's walkie-talkie goes off, so he has to go soon ... then word comes in about an ambulance or three coming in minutes, so the priest has to wrap it up, quick -- !

Finished up the final season of The Leftovers last night.  They wrapped things up really nicely and even gave answers to the mystery that the whole show was based on.  Not quite the answers I was expecting, but answers nonetheless. This whoe season was  really inspired and just took chances and went all over the place.  I think, knowing that it would be the final season and being left alone by HBO allowed the creators to do some really groundbreaking inventive stuff.

Episode 4 of Riverdale. Man, this is good! Plus, it's shocking, but I think that has been deadened to me a little bit because of Afterlife With Archie and those kinds of books.

I enjoyed the whole season and am glad it's coming back.

Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man said:

Episode 4 of Riverdale. Man, this is good! Plus, it's shocking, but I think that has been deadened to me a little bit because of Afterlife With Archie and those kinds of books.

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