Criminal Minds: "Amplification"

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Glen Larson was really going for the James Bond vibe with this one, right down to cringe-worthy double entendres.
Doctor Hmmm? said:

The 2nd Six Million Dollar Man movie -- "Wine, Women and War"

I had no idea The Six Million Dollar Man once had a theme song.

I've been watching a lot of Impractical Jokers on TruTV lately. Man, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a TV series. Arrested Development maybe...

3rd Rock from the Sun, Season 1.

This is one of those rare shows that doesn't just feel like I'm in the target audience -- it feels like it was actually specifically written to make ME laugh.  I'm all in favor of more shows like that.

My wife and I really loved 3rd Rock from the Sun. We are currently loving The Neighbors, which has a similar vibe of aliens reacting to things we take for granted.

For my "start of the New Year" re-watch project, I dove into Babylon 5.  I haven't watched most of these since the show went off the air.  It was famous as a show with a Five Year Plan, but even knowing that it's still fun to see just how much foreshadowing and long-term, slow-simmer plot development is evident (now) even in the earliest episodes.

By rare and goofy coincidence, my return to B5 seems to have aligned itself with Howard's return to the Board.  Howard -- in purple, you're stunning!

Big Bang Theory. I love this show.

I'm not watching it at this instant, but I'm currently watching the first season of Mission: Impossible on DVD. I've not seen the show before. I like the premise, but so far the writing hasn't made the most of it. The last episode I watched struck me as a step in the direction of greater cleverness and tension, so I'm hoping it will hit its stride. I like Steven Hill, but he comes across as too nice for the role he's playing. Martin Landau's portrayal of Hand's nervousness adds to the tension of his scenes. In the episodes I've see so far Greg Morris is the actor best at portraying his character as a professional.

I have Mission: Impossible Season 2 and Season 5 and enjoyed both sets.

Personal note: as a kid, I very clearly recall being shocked to see "Mister Spock" on Mission: Impossible as I saw both first in syndication. Obviously, I didn't think that you could be on two TV shows!

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE  (revival series, closing in on the end of the 2nd season, all of these have my favorite MI girl-- Jane Badler!)

DARK MANSIONS  (unsold Aaron Spelling pilot, funny thing, a few years later, the prime time DARK SHADOWS revival was filmed on location in the SAME mansion!!!)

THE A-TEAM  (season 2 / by this point already, the only reason to keep watching is Melinda Cullea, and she got fired halfway thru the 2nd season)

HUNTER  (1st season / I can hardly believe how, even when this show was at its dumbest, it was still already 10 times better than THE A-TEAM, from the same producers)

McCLOUD  (finishing out season 6, 1 more season to go)

WKRP IN CINCINNATI  (just got done with season 5, season 6 coming up!)

DARIA  (like WKRP, lost track of how many times I've watched these)

STAR TREK  (nearing the end of season 3-- the cartoons will follow)

Let's see, watched REBECCA again.  After DARK MANSIONS, I knew I would.  Too many parallels, especially the part where the one woman tricks the other one into wearing the dress for the party that will remind the guy of his DEAD wife.  Hadn't even realized, Joan Fontaine played the "matriarch" in the Aaron Spelling thing, and the young bride in the Hitchcock film decades earlier.  No coincidence.

Watched THE UNINVITED again.  This, I think, finally marks the last uncalled-for epilogue for my Dan Curtis marathon.  I'm convinced the bit about Josette going over the cliff comes from this film (that also figures in DARK MANSIONS), plus, there's the woman psychiatrist who runs her own hospital, and is VERY creepy-- just like Julia Hoffman.  It's fun to compare things like this, to see what influenced what else and where.

Finished the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE revival.  Also, all 6 seasons of WKRP (again!).  Closing in on the end of DARIA (again!!!!!).  And plowed thru all 8 CAMPION stories (for the 3rd time-- I think).

Just started on the 3rd season of THE A-TEAM.  They got rid of Marla Heasley ("Tawnia"), and replaced Lance Legault ("Decker") with a new maniac played by Charles Napier.  Stepfanie Kramer was in the same episode.  She must have done this just before being cast as the 2nd lead in HUNTER.  I almost forgot how really beautiful she is.

Also getting to the 3rd season of HUNTER.  I'm missing quite a few 1st & 2nd season eps, unfortunately.  He sure went thru a lot of "Captains" before Charles Hallahan came onboard.  The show slowly evolved from "stupid but fun" to "professional"-- but TV GUIDE never let them forget they were "From the creators of THE A-TEAM!!!", which apparently realy burned up Fred Dryer in the long run.

6 episodes into SPACE PRECINCT again --3rd time I've seen these, at least.  My favorite Gerry Anderson show, it's by a mile the BEST-written and acted and produced thing he EVER did.

Also, 3 episodes into THE OUTER LIMITS.  I've decided to watch this as my new Friday night marathon-- one per week.  Easier to tolerate, I think.  I love the show, but it's not the most fun thing in the world.  Works better for me in small segments.

Watching The Game season premiere.

Watching Chicago Fire.

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