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DICK TRACY: Finished watching the Republic serial last week and moved on to the RKO movies. Regarding the serial, I think I would have liked it more if it had been about a random g-man and they didn’t try to tie it into Dick Tracy. There were four Dick Tracy movies, and I’m pretty sure I saw at least three of them on TV when I was a kid (possibly all four), but I don’t remember which ones. Jump ahead eight years from the serial and Morgan Conway has replaced Ralph Byrd in Dick Tracy, Detective. I was pleasantly surprised that this is a quite good film noir movie in its own right, despite its silly character names. The villain is Splitface.

Conway is back in 1946 for Dick Tracy vs. Cueball, another noir showcase. Ralph Byrd returns in 1947 for Dick Tracy’s Dilemma, featuring the Claw. It’s interesting (to me, anyway), how certain actors from movie serials later reprised their roles on television: Ralph Byrd as Dick Tracy, Noel Neill as Lois Lane, John Baer as Terry Lee (of Terry & the Pirates). I’m looking forward to watching 1947’s Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome featuring Boris Karloff tonight.

THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE: After receiving multiple recommendations, we finally started watching this show on Netflix on Friday and are currently four episodes in. Tracy and I have different opinions of it. I think it’s very well done, but more creepy than scary. We saw the movie a couple of years ago. I remember liking it, but I don’t remember much about it. I picked up a copy of the book at that time, but haven’t yet gotten around to reading it. I don’t know how closely either the movie or the series hews to the book, but I’ll probably read it after we finish watching the series. I have my own theory as to what’s going on, but I’ll keep that to myself for now.

Anyone else here seen it? (No spoilers please. We’ll finish by next week.)

I'm watching Locke & Key on Netflix. It's really good. I read the comics ages ago, but as far as I can remember the TV show is following them faithfully.

My wife and I watched The Haunting of Hill House and enjoyed it very much. It's probably the closest we've come to binge-watching something. I think we covered it in three nights.

Watching a series one episode per night (or so) is what Tracy and I refer to as "binging." Last night we watched episode seven of Hill House.

MARY TYLER MOORE: We finished up season one last night. Because we just happened to find a shrink-wrapped copy at Half Price Books, we probably won't go on to the rest of the series. It is a classic, though. I'm not a big fan of the first season theme song; I'm glad they changed it. Odd not seeing Sue Ann or Georgette, but I knew they weren't in the cast from the beginning. We do get John Amos as Gordy the weatherman, though.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: We started watching the annimated serieis from the beginning about a week ago. I didn't watch it while it was on the air, but I followed the discission we had at the time, which inspired me to watch the series on DVD somewhat after-the-fact. One thing I realized the first time we watched it (and am finally getting around to doing something about now) is that I need a key to tell me which story is about the Manhunters, which is about the New Gods, and so on. (Yes, I realize I gould get this information online, but I prefer to do it "old school.")

WILL & GRACE: SEASON TWO: Replacing Mary Tyler Moore season one.

We also finished The Haunting of Hill House. Good series.

Apart from the current seasons of <i>Doctor Who</i> and <i>Picard</i>, we're into the second season of <i>Mrs. Maisel</i>, and I'm sloooooooooooooooooooooooooowly re-watching <i>Get Smart</i> in order. It holds up better than I thought it would, though only an episode or two at a time.

LOST IN SPACE: SEASON TWO: On Wednesday we started re-watching (Netflix) Lost in Space season one in anticipation of watching season two as soon as we have refreshed our memories.

Right this minute, I'm watching " The Alaska Triangle" on the Travel Channel. Seriously, isn't it time for these folks to simply rebrand as "the Spooky Chanel". I can't remember the last time they featured a show about someplace I would actually want to visit.

In continuing my re-watch of the original MAGNUM, P.I., I've noticed that TC wears a lot of rainbows.

LOST IN SPACE: Finished Lost in Space season two. Netflix has announce that there will be a third and final season.

  • ...Second try at this. William Marshall is great in BLACULA, as are the styles, cars and music!!!!!!!!! I semi-think I haven't seen those since in 1973. On Comet cable.

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