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Oh, and Jeff, Chuck Connors played both Basketball and Baseball, so he did play for the Celtics.

I've never read anything about him playing basketball. I remember the Mad magazine parody in which Mort Drucker (or was it Jack Davis?) drew him holding his rifle like a baseball bat in one panel. The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows - 1946-Present describes Chuck Conners as 'a former professional baseball player," and Written Out of Television - A TV Lover's Guide to Cast Changes 1945-1994 has this to say: "From 1949 to 1951 Brooklyn-born Chuck Conners was a professional ball player. He was first baseman with the Brooklyn Dodgers and played the infield with both the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Angels. Then, in 1954, Conners turned in his mitt and bat to become an actor."

That seems to leave the years 1951-1954 unaccounted for, but it does seem to indicate he went directly from baseball to acting. Anyway, those are the sources I was drawing from, with no mention of his having played basketball. If he did, I apologize. 

EDIT: Wikipedia says he played with the Celtics 1947-48.

I've read that he was the first professional basketball player to shatter a glass backboard.

Growing up in Boston, I likely heard more about who played for the Celtics than you did.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

"He was first baseman with the Brooklyn Dodgers and played the infield with both the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Angels. Then, in 1954, Conners turned in his mitt and bat to become an actor."

In that time period, the Los Angeles Angels was the name of a minor league team. The team was affiliated with the major league Chicago Cubs at the time of Conners' baseball career. The Wrigley family of chewing gum fame owned the Cubs and the Angels at the time (they would train on Catalina Island, which they also owned). Walter O'Malley, owner of the Dodgers, bought the Angels from the Wrigleys. He later sold the Angels name to Gene Autry of movie fame, who established the major league expansion team of that name in 1961. At that time the minor league team ceased to exist.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

BONANZA: EPISODE 1: We watched almost all of season one and have since moved on to season two. but we have our DVR set to record any episode we have not seen, and over the time we were offline, we recorded the first two episodes of season one. Now, I have seen S1 E1 before, and I recall it being somewhat out of character in regard to what came later. In particular I remember a scene in which Ben Cartwright delivered the line (regarding a man who trespassed on the Ponderosa), "If we're not back by morning, kill him!" Today (especially after having recently watched several season one and two episodes) I consider that line to be all bluster... especially since he gave the order to Hop Sing!

There's plenty else "out of character" in this episode, though. For one thing, it is written with broad strokes of expository dialogue, and the relationship between the brothers (particularly Adam and Little Joe) is somewhat off. For all intents and purposes Little Joe is James Dean, specifically James Dean from East of Eden, but with an additional brother thrown in for good measure. Also "out of character" is that the Cartwrights seem almost "afraid" to go into Virginia City. Yvonne De Carlo guest-stars in the first episode. 

I have seen (years ago) two of the three flashback episodes dealing with Ben's wives and the mothers of his children, "Elizabeth My Love." "Inger My Love" and "Marie My Love." I don't even know which season(s) those are from, but I hopefully look forward to seeing them all. I have saved S1 E1 and plan to save the "My Love" trilogy as well. 

Jeff of Earth-J said:


You realize, of course, that now I'm going to drive my wife crazy by singing along with the opening credits every night.

I'll do you one better, Jeff -- here's the lost ending to the Bonanza pilot episode, with the Cartwrights themselves singing the tune! This footage was cut and never aired:


OMG, that's awful!

"This footage was cut and never aired"

I think we can all be thankful for that.

Thanks for sharing.

Oh my ...

I think the editing of this scene is atrocious, but it's wonderfully cheesy. 

My wife asked me about the Jimi Hendrix version of Star Spangled Banner -- there was some chatter at work about it being "offensive" -- she asked me to describe it to her. Naturally, I thought, "Why describe it when I can play it?" But then, I thought, "Why play it when I can show it?" 

Somewhere in my travels, I acquired Jimi Hendrix: Live at Woodstock, the documentary about, well, Jimi Hendrix's performance at Woodstock. The liner notes tell us that the deal to film the show came about at the last minute, meaning two days before it started. Even when the show started, financing wasn't secure, so the film crew got one day's pay with the promise for more later.

With all the film stock they could get on only two day's notice, the crew planned to capture just a few tunes from each act. But Hendrix they knew was gold, so the filmed his entire set.

There are some caveats. There were lots of technical glitches with the different cameras through out the festival; at one point, only two of the 30 cameras were running when Hendrix was on. Also, they had to stop from time to time to reload fresh film, and ALL of them were down when Hendrix played his second tune, "Hear My Train a' Comin'" (!)

Fortunately there was a kid who had one of the earliest video cameras who set up on stage and got Hendrix's entire set, including "Hear My Train a' Comin'." It's in black-and-white, and they were lucky he performed in the daytime and not at midnight as originally scheduled or the footage might have been unwatchable. The black-and-white video camera footage is on a second DVD in the set, with some of the color film footage spliced in where needed for clarity's sake.

"...there was some chatter at work about it being 'offensive'..."

Sometimes I just want to slap people.

I just watched the debut episode of MR. YOUNG, a Canadian comedy about a 14-year-old who's already graduated from university and decided he wants to excite other young people about science by teaching at the high school where his former grade school classmates are attending. It's terrible, just terrible.

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