Criminal Minds: "Amplification"

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I just finished watching Schitt's Creek season 2, the season finale.

All I can say is that I want more. (And a new season is now showing...I will just have to wait for Netflix to catch up to it.) This show stars Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, as well as Chris Elliott and Levy's son, David Levy (the show's creator). Wow. I feel like watching the previous two seasons really paid off with this one. What a heartwarming way to end.

My wife and I love Schitt's Creek. I am a big fan of SCTV and Letterman's NBC years, so this show is like a gift for me.

I found a station, Pop, running first-season episodes of ER, a show I have dearly missed. I saw Code Black once or twice, and it didn't bowl me over. Chicago Fire spun off Chicago Med with two backdoor pilots and a couple crossover episodes, but I didn't take to it.

And I watch Grey's Anatomy religiously, and am entertained by it, but I always come away thinking I would NEVER want to be a patient at that hospital, what with all the jealousy and bickering that goes on among its staff. At ER's County Med, I know they'll put aside their personal beefs and all their energy into saving my life. They still might screw up and kill me, but it won't be because they were fretting over their personal problems. 

But, I find it a little sad to watch first-season ER, because I know the futures of these characters. I just saw the one where Carol Hathaway's wedding falls through because her fiance sensed she didn't love him as much as he loved her. But I know Carol and doctor Doug Ross will get together in the end. And doctor John Carter will grow up to be the symbol of the hospital, following in the footsteps of doctor Mark Greene.

And I know Doctor Greene will divorce, remarry, get cancer and die. I remember the season when they were building up to Doctor Greene's death; the producer said actor Anthony Edwards was leaving and they decided to write him out that way because Doctor Greene wouldn't just take another job somewhere else and quit County Med. This is true. Right in the pilot episode, he's got an HMO on the hook that's offering him a job at twice the salary and half the stress, and keeps avoiding making up his mind. But as the saying goes, not making a decision is making a decision.

Speaking of the pilot, it'll be on in a few days and I look forward to it. 

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