What comic book cover do you think would make a good stain glass window?

  I'm taking a class and we have to come up with designs.  I think comic book covers would be too complicated for a beginner class, but it might be a fun challenge just to come up with some design tries.

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Something Biblical in scale, like the full page panel of the still smoking body of the Silver Surfer having just been granted the power cosmic by the giant hand of Galactus. that's the first thing that popped into my mind, anyway.

Maybe Flash 123, with both Barry and Jay rushing to save the dude in the center?

Or the central figures of Crisis 7, considering the pose is already a religious imagery.

This has always been a particular favorite image of mine, but almost anything from Jack Kirby's Fourth world would lend itself to stained glass.

How about this?

This is not the one I was thinking of earlier, but it's the one I had in mind. Or vice versa. Anyway, Google "Silver Surfer Galactus Images" (and maybe even throw "Buscema" or "Kirby" into you search) and you'll get more images than you can use.

THAT would make a great stained glass window!

Any of them would, but I don't have the skill just yet.  

How about Silver Surfer 4 (Thor Vs Mephisto)

and would the Angel on the cover of Marvels 2 be a tad too 'religious'?

What about that panel of the Surfer turning Quasimodo into a humanoid in FF Annual#5? I used to have a black light poster of that.

subject matter doesn't seem to matter. I'm going to come up with different designs and the teacher will help me decide which one to go with. So far I've got the Pythagorean theorem and Rose Quartz's shield from Steven Universe and the schematic for a vacuum tube voltmeter. Converting the pictures into a pattern for a window is Thursday's class.

If you want something comic book releated specifically to use in your class, you might consider something simpler such as the FF logo.

The logo would be interesting to try.  Maybe the masthead.  My favorite was always the 1970's version where you had all four members and the name at the top of the cover.  Come to think of it the Thing would be the most reproducible in stained glass.

Come to think of it, most logos would be appropriate for a beginner course: Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, would all be good choices. Maybe you could make an arrangement with your LCS to sell them on consignment.

It occurs to me that you asked for covers, specifically, and so far my choices have been mainly interiors and logos. Here's a cover that you might want to consider when you get to the advanced level.

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