Report what comic books you have read today--and tell us a little something about it while you're here!

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My Swamp Thing reading is on temporary hiatus, but I took advantage of the holiday weekend to read...


All-Star Archives vol. 6

Creepy vol. 2

Infinity, Inc. through issue #30 (on ongoing project; I didn't read all 30 issues this weekend)




I finished up the Suicide Squad trade today. I also read Vertigo Resurrected: Hellblazer Bad Blood, it was merely okay I thought. Fairly predictable with where the story was going I though. And, Hey, Wait... by Jason. A touching, sad tale from the Norwegian artist.


Lots of free time today, it was my Good Friday.

Pluto Vol. 7 (I plan to finish the series tomorrow, before the big move this weekend). Once again, wow. Big as the action was here, it looks like the finale is going to be huge.
Brightest Day #24
Me, too (#23 and #24). Will post more tomorrow.
Looking forward to your thoughts.

Jeff of Earth-J said:
Me, too (#23 and #24). Will post more tomorrow.
I bought the first issue of House of M the other day at my LCS as a part of the special one-dollar first issues. I read it at lunch today and really liked it. Coipel's art is awesome, and Bendis writes in a way that lets this reader just flow right through it. I may have to hunt down the trade.
Got FF #2. Liked it. Val needs to be taken to the woodshed.

Thanks to DC's recall of the flubbed reprint of Legion of the Damned (with some copies fetching quite the price on eBay), re-reading that along with Legion Lost mini (which I haven't read in quite some time)

Abnett & Lanning really re-energized the Legion with these stories, filled with great characterization. Coipel is one of my favorite artists and this early work of his shines. 

I stopped reading DC's two LSH series (for reasons we need not go into here) about year before they came to an end. I've often regretted that decision and was/am planning to use the DCCP edition to help me decide whether or not to fill the holes. I've liked the more recent work Abnett and Lanning have done for Marvel, so that's a reason, too. I must admit that Olivier Coipel's early work was not to my liking, but his work on Thor changed my mind and won me over. I didn't read Legion Lost, either, but a HC collection has been solicited for June 15 with a tpb sure to follow. I doubt I'd spring for the HC, but if I like "Legion of the Damned" I might buy the Legion Lost tpb.


Looking forward to your thoughts.

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Now I liked Coipel's work on LSH, but I didn't like it on the Avengers. I did think DnA's work on LSH was really good.
Finished Pluto this morning with Volume 8. This volume is a bit longer than the others, with 10 Acts instead of the usual 8. It's a remarkable conclusion to a remarkable series. Atom has reawakened, but what has he become? His decision not to kill the robot assassin Pluto when they finally meet leads to their collaboration to save the world from certain destruction. Large as the story of the destruction of the world's greatest robots was, the story quickly ramps up to involve the fate of the entire world. Great stuff; I don't see how it could fail to grab any science fiction fan. The one thing I'm a little unclear on is the identity of the teddy bear mastermind who appears throughout the series. Is he the personification of Bora, the world-killer?

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