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Superman #230

This has to be one of the most insane Superman stories from that era....or maybe ever. The basic plot is that Lex and Clark's roles are reversed, with Clark being a genius criminal and Lex being Superman from Krypton. But that's not what this comic should be praised for, it's the ingenious idea of having Jor-El being an evil bastard that really got to me. As short-lived as it was, evil Jor-El had the potential to be one of the best villains. He blows up Krypton because he blames the planet for Lara's death, and then he escapes to Earth with his son Lex-El, and then upon finding out that somehow Lex gains superpowers but not him, he becomes increasingly jealous, and the rest of the story he is trying to figure out a way to absorb his son's superpowers, that's pretty damn twisted. Later on Clark accidentally kills Jor-El while SuperLex destroys Smallville, pitting the two against each other once again in this creative Elseworld story. I'm glad it's a 2-parter, this issue was brilliant, and I'm curious to see how the entire story finishes in the next issue. 

Oddly, GCD says there are no English-language reprints of this story. It does continue into #231 but is not cover-featured.

The cover of #231 does feature the second part. It shows a scene from the story. The cover's Superman is bald, but it's hard to see due to the concussion effect. 

I don't have the first part, but I have the second. It was Mort Weisinger's last Superman tale. The creative team for both parts was Cary Bates, Curt Swan and Dan Adkins.

Now that I look closer, that is Luthor's face. This sounds like a good story. I had given up the Weisinger books in favor of the Schwartz and Marvel books, so I didn't get it. I went back to the Superman books, like I did the Batman books, soon after Schwartz took over.

MIND MGMT Volume Six: The Immortals concludes Matt Kindt's Dark Horse series.  Great ending. I'll start a Review thread later in case anyone wants to discuss it.


These contain the twelve issue series between them.

Powerful writing, links to the Origin story and the history to this point along with some powerfully atmospheric supernatural ninja -type artwork.

Loved it.

Has anyone read Dark Corridor by Rich Tommaso? I'm trying to figure out what it reminds me of. The story is part Stray Bullets and part Alan Moore and Rick Veitch's Greyshirt. I'm trying to figure out what the art reminds me of. It's good, and it's just a tinge weird. If you like crime comics, it should be right up your dark alley.

Earlier today, I binged the first several issues of International Iron Man. I want to say about six or seven issues are out at this point. This is a very engaging story about Tony Stark's past while linked to the present. It's written by Brian Michael Bendis, who often writes as though he is in love with the sound of his own voice (an accusation Tony Stark makes toward his father in one of these issues), but here it works really well and the story moves along very smoothly.

Death of Hawkman

Normally, I wouldn't be too interested in a book that uses the "Death of..." gimmick as a selling point, but I liked this first issue. It was more of an Adam Strange story, but one that made Adam Strange seem fairly interesting.

Jessica Jones

Alias was one of my favorite comics back in the day. This picks up right where Alias left off. 


Mark Millar describes this concept as mind blowing. I wouldn't go that far, but it is an interesting premise. And the Capullo art doesn't hurt.

I suppose Adam Strange is like Sherlock Holmes. He's interesting when he's smart, spots a clue, works out a solution.

I just read Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love. It's a neat new twist on the character, putting him at the center of a gothic romance story (albeit one set in the modern day). From the issue breakdown (one chapter is narrated by a new character, Bernice, whike the next is narrated by Deadman) it seems like the book was intended to be a 6-issue mini and then restructured into 3 prestige format issues. A smart choice, i think: the first two issues together are more satisfying and intriguing than the first chapter alone would have been. (And there's no price gouging -- this issue is $6, but includes the same amount of material as two $3 issues.) It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely worth a look. I love it when DC takes risks like this with its characters.


Guys, I've just read the Titans Hunt trade and I'm a DC trade waiter.

I am very aware of the Rebirth concept and will be picking up several Rebirth volume ones of several books.

Usually there is a miniseries leading in. Does the DC Universe Rebirth #1 fill that role or do I not need that one - or is it going to form part of any other storyline?

Advice please?

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