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DCU Rebirth 1 sets up a lot of plots moving forward, but isn't necessary to any one series in particular (except maybe Titans, and to a much lesser extent Flash and Batman). I think it's worth picking up.

Just finished the first collection of Brian K. Vaughan  & Cliff Chiang's Paper Girls.  I did a really good job avoiding spoilers: I didn't even know it was a science-fiction story! Enjoyed it a lot.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

I just read Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love. It's a neat new twist on the character, putting him at the center of a gothic romance story (albeit one set in the modern day).

If anyone doesn't know, the original The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love was a DC gothic romance title from 1971-72 with paperback-style covers. Its numbering was continued by Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion.

Thank you Rob,

If it is a standalone I am unlikely to pick it up in a trade - so I think I'll go for it.


Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

DCU Rebirth 1 sets up a lot of plots moving forward, but isn't necessary to any one series in particular (except maybe Titans, and to a much lesser extent Flash and Batman). I think it's worth picking up.

Today I read Low, Vol. 2: Before the Dawn Burns Us by Rick Remender (writer), Greg Tocchini (artist), & Dave McCaig (colorist). Only four issues in this one. If nothing else, it's a gorgeous book visually. Review thread latter (and one for Paper Girls).

Earth 2 Society (DC): I read issues 11-13 today. I think now it's up to issue 18 (?). This was an interesting political story, but I can only do so much at a time. I have the other issues. Anyway, on this new earth, established after the events of the weekly Earth 2 book a couple years back or so, we see a people who are trying to co-inhabit a new planet. It's interesting, because the people are having to fight over natural resources, but when they reveal that there really are no natural resources, they turn against each other even more. This is where Green Lantern steps in after receiving advice from E2 Superman. This is written by Dan Abnett with some great art by Federico Dellocchio.

Then, from Marvel:

Moon Knight #7: Jeff Lemire teams up with a powerhouse art duo that I would never have teamed together, James Stokoe and Francisco Francavilla. It works really well, as the multiple personalities and multiple perceived realities of Marc Spector move between each other. I've read this series since the first issue, and I have to say that it works in a way that I wouldn't have expected. I tried it because it's by Jeff Lemire, but I stuck around because it works somehow.

Sam Wilson Captain America #12-13: Now this was interesting. The U.S. government wants, because of special interest groups, for Sam to give Cap his shield back. The Texan lobbyists, however, know they can't ask for it back and neither can white-bread Captain America because of how the media would have a frenzy about it. They send in the U.S. Agent, although it turns out he wasn't entirely a willing accomplice. Great writing that may hit a little too close to home.

Great Lakes Avengers #1: A few of the original GLA's get together after Flatman is given the rights to the name "Avengers", and then sells it back at a price. I will at least give this one another issue to win me.

I remember every superhero comic I had when I was a little kid (circa 1968-1969). I know I had several humor comics (mostly Harvey), but I don’t remember which ones (although I’d remember them if I saw them). I don’t specifically remember owning any Disney comics, although I remember quite specifically one Donald Duck story. Decades later I learned that Carl Barks (before being allowed to sign his own work) was known as “The good duck artist,” but I couldn’t Have told you, until this past weekend, anyway, whether the story I remember so well from childhood was drawn by Carl Barks or not.

It was.

I read it in the Carl Barks Library. Originally untitled, the story took place on April Fool’s Day. Donald was going fishing, and the nephews decided to play a trick on him with a wallet and a string. Things kept going wrong for the boys (the string would break, for example), and, uncharacteristically, things would go right for Donald (such as finding a $5 bill in a hidden compartment of the wallet). Donald finally remembers it’s April Fool’s Day when he returns home to find Huey, Dewey and Louie exhausted in bed.

I remember that story so well, and yet I know it’s been 45 years since I read it. I love unearthing memories like that, and I’m glad to know it was, in fact, a Barks yarn. Wish I could remember where I read it first, though.

Today I read Shade the Changing Girl #1. I liked this. It reminded me of the one trade of Shade the Changing Man I read from Vertigo, but it definitely didn't hinge on it. Everything you need to know is given in this first issue, without the spoon-feeding that is expected from the newer generation of comics readers, according to the press.

Without giving anything away, I can't wait to see the protagonist get revenge on the jerk high schoolers who were acting like catty middle school students. Very well-written.

The forms of the characters in the artwork reminded me of the art from StCM, but the faces reminded me of Jaime Hernandez.

I also liked the back-up, speaking of the Hernandez Brothers. It was really just pure space fun done in the Hernandez style using Silver Age DC characters.

Today I read the first trade of the new Black Panther - a Nation Under Our feet.

I'm kind of undecided - admittedly the trade only has the first 4 issues reprinted (and his first appearance FF#52) .

I found it all very worthy, very pretty, full of flowery speeches and steeped in an empire well-built ...BUT did anyone else find much of an interesting story going on in there?

I hate to feel a bit 'Emperor's New Clothes' but is all the excitement ushering in this new Panther series actually firing up readers..?

I read Batman #9, and I loved it. Written by Tom King and drawn by Mikel Janin. It's part one of a story involving Bane, a new makeshift Suicide Squad through a special arrangement between Batman and Amanda Waller, and a fun little adventure story. I was curious when I saw the title was "I Am Suicide", but of course it makes much more sense now.

I really love the appearance of two long-since-seen Suicide Squad members. This story looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Infinity #1-6 

The way this story started was very cinematic, just like any Hickman stuff. I'd rather watch this than the Disney Marvel movies for sure. There were cool concepts, new characters, the Black Order was fearsome and terrifying, Thanos giving Black Bolt the ultimate beatdown will crush the reader. But, as awesome as the buildup was, I just cannot get with the ending. The Builders and Gardeners bit was a bit confusing, but the way they were defeated was way too easy and ridiculous. The way the Black Order fell was less than satisfying, and Thanos' son was a horrible character. You would think that guy would be a mini-Thanos or even badass, but he was completely forgettable in every sense of the word. I would give it a 3 out of 5. 

RECENT NEW COMICS: I am now completely caught up. Yay!

I usually have three ”reading projects” going on at a given time. Currently these are…

1930s DICK TRACY: A new collection of full page Sundays: four complete stories, plus individual pages spotlighting certain characters and a selection of very early “pre-continuity” pages as well.

CARL BARKS LIBRARY: I’m caught up reading this series and I intend to stay caught up.

LOVE & ROCKETS: I just recently started reading this, from the beginning, for the first time. There’s a discussion I started just before I took a week off somewhere on this board. Think I’ll check in there next.

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