Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1, which was really good ("There will be no eating of teammates."), and G.I. Joe: Cobra #1-3. People who know me know that I don't just pick up and read a G.I. Joe comic. I've never been into them, and I was never even into the toys, really. But the guys on iFanboy really recommended this book, saying it doesn't feel like a Joe book at all. And it really doesn't. It's a lot more like a Queen and Country story. One of the guys (in the Hawaiian shirt) goes undercover, and it's an extremely good spy story so far. Cobra nor G.I. Joe (I believe) have never been mentioned in this book, but some of the characters have. VERY highly recommended!

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After really enjoying Batman Eternal  in the three trades I was a little worried that only two trades for Batman and Robin Eternal signified a lesser product - but no, I'm loving it.

Jeff Lemire has shown himself to be extremely versatile over the past five years or so. I am really happy to see that he has been able to branch out what started in Essex County into many places, including outer space, techno-organic beings (Bloodshot), schizophrenic super-heroes and time/dimension-displaced super-heroes (Moon Knight and Old Man Logan), and post-modern super-teams (Black Hammer).

Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod) said:

I really like Descender, too. There are so many good indie books right now, but this would probably make my top five. Enjoyed Vol. 2 just as much when I read it a few weeks back.

I know it's old news to most but I finally got round to reading the BLACK PANTHER EPIC collection

which basically collects the 'Panther's Rage' multi-parter from Jungle Action and a few others.

I had JA 15 which I thought was one of the most different, engaging and interesting comics I had read at the time with beautifully detailed artwork (that's the one with Salamander Kru'el and the thorns and all that).

I have always kind of thought the entire story would be amazing!

However......I found the artwork for the rest not quite so good and the entire book is overwritten, immensely wordy and ...dare I say...disappointing.?

Sometimes reality fails to live up to expectations.

Anyone have any opinions?

I'm rereading Future Quest, hoping to recapture the magic I felt in those first couple of issues. The quicker reading pace is helping so far, but I've got a few more of the anthology-style check-ins with the cast to get through still, which are what started making the story drag for me before.

...I read (all present runs) AMAZINGG SPIDEER-MAN #23 , REGGIE AND ME #1 , and the THE ATOM -- REBIRTH oneshot !

I bought yesterday , aftter getting out of the hospital (on my birthday) for Congestive heart Failure-connected weight blooating up that had me 60-ish pounds over/my normal (not slim) weight (+ diareea) ! I took much Lazik pills , which had me - you know?? -- I,ve had this balooning  problem for a while now, this upthen-down,s happened before , in recent times .

  The comment one of us made earlier  about the disappearnce of outside advertissing from comics dooes  seem to be pretty supported ,, actuall y ! In this 3 different  ,, 3 compannies titles , there was:

  Only one pagge of advertiising that I ccouuld see for an  outside enterprise with no use made of the company,s characters - a bacover ad on the  DCC for the Kubert school (Whichh showedthe familiar imagery of  student types in perill , but , for the first time that I can remember did not have  Joe,s signature  .) - otherwise all house ads , and  ads for products that used the commany;

,s characters - Should we cll thosee  : company ads  : ? Marvel kiddue clothes , an aad for the Emarald City Con showing Batman...Maybe  it would halthier for comics to draw readerss wwho coompanies selling not directly comics-touching products wanted to reach ?

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

I bought yesterday , aftter getting out of the hospital (on my birthday) for Congestive heart Failure.....

My Dad died of Congestive Heart Failure in 1963. Medical care was relatively primitive back then and having no health insurance didn't help. Take care!

The comment one of us made earlier about the disappearnce of outside advertissing from comics dooes seem to be pretty supported ,, actuall y ! I

I wonder if a big part of the reason is the small numbers of comics that sell today compared to the 60s and 70s? The advertisers don't see it as worth their money. Advertising on the Internet is probably cheaper and more effective these days. People looking for Marvel and DC figures and toys are more likely to see your ad on the Internet, since few of the movie-goers read comics.

Weren't both Marvel and DC  talking about boosting their numbers by selling through the internet? What's happening with those plans? The direct market seems to be going the way of the newsstand market these days and I don't see anything getting ready to take its place.

The last I heard they were unwilling/unable to have a lower price for the online comics than for the same comic shop comics to keep the peace. I think they have to offer cheaper online comics that aren't in the comic stores, then later offer TPB collections in the stores. Otherwise I don't see how they will ever change anything.

...I put a  reply to Richard,s

concern - Thank you . -  & more that did not go up .. SOB !!!!!

The Wonder Woman/Bionic Woman crossover is coming along well.  Jamie and Diana have hit it off and Jamie had a few fun questions about Diana being able to fly and a few serious ones about Diana not telling her co-workers who she really is.  In the meantime a lot of villains from both woman's tv show are starting to show up.

I’m reading the first trade of the Steve Rogers Captain America series – I know I’m late into the one with all the controversy!

I’m sorry but what was all the fuss about? It is made abundantly clear that the Cosmic Cube Girl messed with Steve’s mind and memories to make him believe he has always been a loyal Hydra agent but nowhere does it suggest he has always been evil at all.

That being said, I’m enjoying the ride.

The fuss was because evidently no one had ever read a comic book before. And people are idiots.

Richard Mantle said:

I’m sorry but what was all the fuss about?

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