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Superman: Kal This Elseworlds book is written by Dave Gibbons with art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. This is story takes place during medieval times, where the alien boy who landed in the field of a couple of farmers grows up to become the town blacksmith. When the ruler of the town, Medieval Lex Luthor, decides he wants the affections of Lady Lois Lane (I believe her name in the book was actually Loisse?) which had been fairly won in a feat of strength by Kal.

Only Blacksmith Kal can forge the metal that is discovered, which is actually the rocketship that brought him to Earth. Luthor has him make it into armor for him.

There are some pretty clever bits in here, like the fact that the story was being told by Jimmy Olsen (can't remember his Elseworlds name).

One thing that confused me was that when Kal attacked the castle, Luthor had them pour molten lead on him to try to stop him. I thought for sure that was going to make him impervious to Lex's Kryptonite necklace. As it turned out, it didn't really serve a purpose other than to make it look like he was wearing armor.

There was a pretty alarming scene where Luthor calls for Lois on the night before her marriage to Kal, as is his right as the ruler of the town. You don't see anything happening, but you "overhear" him raping her, calling her "bitch" repeatedly. In the process, he kills her.

This comic was actually much better than I have made it sound, and I think Dave Gibbons is a much better writer than he's often given credit for. He's just not a name I think of when I think of great writers, probably because he doesn't write as much as he draws.

And I don't have to tell you that Garcia Lopez's art is beautiful. His characters have weight to them, and he really shines through with this story.

Justice League #13-15

Heroes in Crisis #4

I've commented on both of these in other threads.

THE WRONG EARTH #5: The Wrong Earth could, quite possibly, be my favorite series. If all it was was an story of a “grim ‘n’ gritty” hero switching places with an optimistic one, I would have liked it on that basis alone because it’s so well done. But now both characters are showing evidence of change. One more issue will complete the initial storyline, then the title will go on break for a while before returning.

Aliens Dust to Dust #4: This miniseries is now complete thanks to writer/artist Gabriel Hardman and Dark Horse Comics. They took their sweet time releasing issue four, but I remember looking back in November for when the last issue would come out, and it was always planned for January.

This book is one of the better Aliens comics I've read in awhile. It followed a boy who was onboard a ship that where his mother was working, and he was the only survivor who had to be taken onto an escape ship. This was a fantastic story with lots of gruesome details by Hardman in the Geiger spirit.

If you like the Alien movies and licensed product, you will like this one especially. It's a nice, simple four-part story that has a great payoff.

Young Justice #1: This chaotic "get the gang together" first issue featured Bart Allen as the heart of Young Justice, and it was a lot of fun. Of course, the next issue or two had better come up with some kind of direction, but I'm more than willing to accept it for a few reasons. #1: It had the return of Bart Allen as the carefree child whose tail is constantly wagging. #2: Tim Drake as Robin! No further explanation needed. No further explanation wanted. #3: Superboy is back, complete with his leather jacket and the back-in-style fade from shaggy on top to tight on the bottom hairstyle. Plus some facial scruff, pointed out by Bart.

We also have new character Jinny Hex plus an attack from Gemworld. I'm greatly looking forward to this series--and it popped up before I knew it! My heart is in a good place now.

Batman #62: This makes no sense given the last issue, but Tom King tweeted that this is intentional, so I'm going to assume that's not PR babble. Batman is being dissected by Professor Pyg, which turns out to be some kind of fever dream where PP turns out to actually be Damian? Is it weird that after 62 issues, this is the first time I realized that Damian hasn't been around during this whole series? I'm one of the people who is actually a big fan of Damian Wayne, too.

Things that make ya go hmmm.

The Hellblazer Vol. 4: The Good Old Days
Tim Seeley, writer; Davide Fabbri, Christian Dalla Vecchia, artists; Carrie Strachan, colorist
DC Comics, 2018

The Hellblazer run on DC's Rebirth line ends here. It's nice to see a consistent creative team, so there are no distracting variations in the look and feel of the series. A wave of demonic possession is about to hit London, and its first victim is someone near and dear to John Constantine: Detective Chief Inspector Margaret Ames, whose recent involvement with him has left her vulnerable.

The situation is complicated by the participation of a priest who was part of a criminal family. His allegiances are mixed, and his family connections seem to override his clerical obligations. The Vatican has sent its own agent, Helena Bertinelli (a.k.a. the Huntress--and didn't she die in the Batman "No Man's Land" arc?), to nip this potential apocalypse in the bud—and she’s not overly concerned with avoiding casualties. So the Hellblazer crosses over into the DCU, as is has at various times in the past. As usual I have mixed feelings about it: I'm not sure the Huntress really makes sense in this context, and I'm not the target audience for a crossover.

But the climax packs a punch. Can Constantine save Margaret Ames, the Huntress, and the whole world from a demonic incursion? As always, he finds a creative solution to the problem.


...I've had a weird ride with this title, ever since reading of One Of US's text story in the new title.

IIRC, I got #1, liked, got 2...but somehow did not get 3, with OOU's contribution! There appeared to be a pretty large gap between 1 & 2 but not much between 3 & 4. I missed #3 and thought " Okay, I'll drop it "...but my LCS didn't hear me??, 4 came into my envelope so I got it, now #5 is in the pile now resting on my gosn'd chest here in bed in this latest hospital stay, with a cover that now that I looked at it looks like a split-faced Doctor Who with William Hartnell on the left and a modern-series Doctor on the right - Am I just projecting? -E But, um, my living situation is in flux now, and all of my current comics but what's in this room with me are in my storage unit, and if I still have all the bought issues, I don't have #3 with OOU, and I would presume the TPB will just contain the TWE material only and not the texts or back-ups...I dunno. Goes to show ya.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

THE WRONG EARTH #5: The Wrong Earth could, quite possibly, be my favorite series. If all it was was an story of a “grim ‘n’ gritty” hero switching places with an optimistic one, I would have liked it on that basis alone because it’s so well done. But now both characters are showing evidence of change. One more issue will complete the initial storyline, then the title will go on break for a while before returning.


  SHAZAM #1  Okay. Nice double-spread. Probably won't follow, plan to see the movie.

  ARCHIE 1941 #4 ARCHIE MEETS BATMAN '66 #6 Kevin Keller's father is the Chief of Police! I wish I could have got the Joe Giella cover to this one.

  TITANS #32


  ACTION COMICS #1006 I am considering dropping this, but the story was good enough...BUT. The " not many minutes of readin' for $3.99 " curse strikes:-(...

  LOXG: THE TEMPEST #4  THE " British Bigfoot " cover attracted me .I think I have a LOXG BLACK BOOK unreadunr storage. Maybe I'll read this one in full when it's collected. Wasn't there a " guide " thread to LOXG somewhere in here? Are all the super-heroes bar Mick Anglo-copyrighted Captain Universe either picked-up public domain or name-changed reworkings? Is the concept " British pulp/genre " Then why is the " high-falutin'/ high-class ' Virginia Wolff character here?

  THE CAPE #1, $1 " Greatest Hits " edition.  Was this s mini-series? Earlier, I bought a more recent Cape comic book. How much has been issues and how many have been collected?

Emerkeith, thanks for reminding me about LOXG The Tempest. I'm now watching for the TPB.

Kevin Keller's father is the police chief on the Riverdale TV show. Not sure if that's the case in the other current Archie comics.

Between eBay and I have assembled the following run covering the early Infinity Inc stories, and am enjoying them as time permits.

All-Star Squadron 25, 26, and Annual 2

Infinity Inc 1-25 and Annual 1

Richard Willis said:

I just bought an incomplete set of Infinity Inc on eBay. I'll have to fill it in with single issues until I have enough to satisfy the completist in me. I'll probably go as far as the Crisis and then stop.    

ARCHIE MEETS BATMAN ‘66 #6: Juvenile story, artwork far too cartoony for Batman, almost too cartoony for Archie.

BATMAN KINGS OF FEAR #6: for all intents and purposes, the story wrapped up last issue. This issue dealt with the aftermath of an adventure in a way I’ve never seen before. This issue could be read alone. Unique.

PRINCE VALIANT (#464-470): After defeating Donardo and capturing Saramand, Prince Valiant and Alita decide to travel to Rome to get married by the Pope as befits their station. They hear that Genseric, King of the Vandals, plans to sack Rome, which would put a crimp in their plans. They travel first to Tunis to meet with Genseric to ask him to delay or cancel his plans. Earlier in the year, Emperor Maximus had killed Emperor Valentinian II. Valentinian’s wife, Eudoxia, turned to Genseric seeking revenge. This is where Val and Alita enter the story.

Genseric had already promised Pope Leo the Great (reigned AD 440-461) not to wreak too much havoc on the holy city. (The historical background of this story is mostly accurate.) Genseric tells the couple that if they travel with him to Rome, he will let them get married before he begins the attack. They agree, however, the attack begins as soon as they arrive, and Val and Alita find Pope Leo too busy to perform a wedding. Eudoxia takes them to an ex-Cardinal who lives in the woods, and they have a humble wedding.

Page #470 (the wedding) is one of the best known of the series. The final caption reads: “Now here, according to approved writers of romance, the saga of Prince Valiant should end. But the winning of Alita is one thing, costing Val no more than his heart, but living with her is another story… and we thin the story is worth telling.”

This story bring the story up to AD 455. The entire Prince Valiant chronology is based on the fall of Rome. This story also marks a major turning point in the story itself. Whereas there will still be loads of adventure, the fantasy will be toned down from this point on in favor of more “realistic” home life scenes.

LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE—JAN 1937: “Slugger” Jake lures Annie away on a false delivery. By the time she returns, Old Ginger has gone home for the day. Jake attacks Annie with no witnesses other than a blind peddler named “Blinkey,” who attacks Jake from behind and knocks him unconscious. The next day, Blinkey moves into the room next to Ginger and Annie.

A big shot lawyer named J. Preston Slime takes a poke at crime by blaming the police. Slime is a friend of racketeer “Snorty” Smith. Annie notices Blinkey using her cane as if she were tapping out a tune. She also notices that police captain Cuff is standing nearby jotting something down in a small notebook.

Electricians arrive at Blinkey’s place, and “shee” greets them as a man. “Slugger” Jake pressures Blinkey to join the protective association (at a reduced rate of $10 a week). Annie walks Blinkey to the drugstore and notices two cops in a squadcar nearby while Blikey taps “her” cane. Annie walks in and discovers Blinkey’s secret. He is blind, but he’s also an undercover cop and his room is wired to send and receive Morse code.

“Snorty” and his entire gang show up to rub out Old Ginger and Annie. Ginger is gunned down and sandy is wounded… again! (That dog has the worst luck.) Blinkey summons the cops and the gang is arrested, but within a few days they are all out on bail. Annie goes to J. Preston slime for help.

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