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FANTASTIF FOUR #12-13, speaking of revisiting the Seventies, seemed to set up a return to the Dreaded Deadline Doom - boasting a Carnage co we that more absolutely ZERO relation to the story with in! And it wasn't an advance shot of #13, either #+3 continued #1×'s no-Carnage-considered story. WTF?
It was a decent story, however - But when was it announ ed that Ben Grimm turns back to human from the ever-lovin. Thing for one week every year?
And incidentally...

Future Foundation #1-2

Not sure what possessed me to pick these up but they weren't bad.  It has the appeal of an Archie type book with some superhero action thrown into the mix.  Lighthearted cartoony fun.  Apparently it's a spin off from Fantastic Four but it reads to me like it's outside of mainstream continuity.

Batman vs Ra's Al Ghul #1

More wacky Neal Adams Batman bizarreness.  I could be wrong but it seems like Adams is actually more prolific now than he was in his heyday.

Berserker Unbound #2

This is a very low key, decompressed kind of story so far but I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying it.  Kind of like Conan/X-O Manowar meets the Fisher King.  I'm starting to wonder if there's more going on here than meets the eye.


BATMAN VS. RA'S AL GHUL #1: What's the word we use to describe Neal Adams' comic book? "Bonkers"? Yeah, this is that. I've lost track of my Robins. Dick Grayson (well, Nightwing) and Tim Drake are two of them, but who's the third? Not Jason Todd or Damian Wayne surely...?

LSH MILLENNIUM #1: I could not be more ambivalent about the upcoming LSH series if it was Nexus by Rob Liefeld. DC has a history of turning a boring character over to a talented writer to make it interesting. At least one element is missing from that equation this time around. Someone needs to tell Bendis that Tommy Tomorrow and Kamandi are the same person from two different timelines. I paid five bucks for this. No, "I paid FIVE BUCKS for this!?"

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #11: This issue has all the answers. (Too bad I've forgotten all the questions.) After #12 comes out, someone needs to host an issue-by-issue discussion of this series.

SPIDER-MAN: GOING BIG: Three stories with a mix of old school and "middle school" creators: Gerry Conway and Mark Bagley, Ralph Macchio and Todd Nauck, and Erik Larsen.

IMMORTAL HULK #23: With so many multiple printings and alternate covers, I really have to pay attention to which issues I'm buying. the letters page give hints of a couple of things to come, at least one of which I'm quite excited about.

HOUSE OF X #4: Referring to the centerfold ad, "Dawn of X" is going to make the same mistake every X-title reboot for the last 25 years has made, namely, it's going to divide Marvel's best mutant characters among several titles rather than concentrating on one central title and making it good

LOIS LANE #3: I always enjoy these issues more than I think I will, but then immediately forget about them. I much prefer its brother title, Jimmy Olson.

GREEN LANTERN #11: Off-the-wall concepts this issue include Sector None, Golden Lantern and the Star Sapphire of Earth-11. Next issue will be the last. :(

Finished up the first volume of Ryuko, a manga published under the Hard Case Crime  Ryuko is part of the yakuza. We get some kind of heist with scantily clad women, which normally I love, but unless it was on a beach it was hard for me to believe the one girl would be part of the robbery in a bikini. There are some flashbacks to explain some of the characters' motivation. It isn't really going anywhere, until we learn her mother might still be alive. Eh, whatever.

It is in black and white, and in that case you have to be careful with the inks. Which the writer/artist Eldo Yoshimizu was not. So, a lot of the action is muddied by the heavy inks. The next volume is supposed to come out in October, but that is a hard pass for me. 

Lately I've been picking up a bunch of comics via Amazon's Kindle when they go on sale for 99 cents each instead of cover price. Among the titles I've bought have been Bendis' runs on Superman (to issue 12), Action (to 1012, even got #1000), Young Justice (to 6), and the start of Event Leviathan (the Giant Special and part 1); along with the first 5 issues of Doomsday Clock, the first 7 of Morrison's Green Lantern, and a lot of other stuff.

Double page spreads and the credits are a bit difficult to read in this format, but otherwise the Amazon bill versus what it would have cost me in print is worth the problem.

Waiting for the final 7 to be more affordable than $4.99 each to read Doomsday Clock in its entirety, but what's this about Green Lantern being canceled?

Jeff of Earth-J said:

IMMORTAL HULK #23: With so many multiple printings and alternate covers, I really have to pay attention to which issues I'm buying.

In the Silver Age and some time later I could recognize covers and buy comics according to what my memory told me. I only bought a duplicate a couple of times over the years. With the advent of alternate covers and posed-poster covers unrelated to the stories, I started making a list of future issues. I check the Diamond site on Tuesdays to see what was shipped. Unless comics show up damaged and have to be reordered, this is 100% reliable. I circle the ones being shipped and cross them out after I buy them. This is especially easy since the new comics I buy these days are a mere handful.

GL isn't being cancelled. It's going on hiatus for a while so Liam Sharp can build up some lead time for the next 12 issues. In the meantime there'll be a six issue miniseries starring Hal Jordan that Morrison is also writing. I think the GL Corps are becoming Darkstars?

Thanks Rob.

What I should have mentioned in my last post and forgot to is that I have nothing against print material.

In fact, I have a physical copy of both Action 1000 (1930s cover) and Detective 1000 (1970s cover).

It's just that between considering how much material is out there that I would love to read versus living in a one bedroom efficiency with today's economy, space and money are always concerns so I have to be choosy as to format when I do buy anything to read in comparison to regular trips to the pubic library.

Library material is always returned and one Kindle device with cloud storage takes up far less room than a stack of (comic) books.

Some people would really like to know where the pubic library is located. photo whistling.gif


Yesterday in Half Price Books I found a Superman #400 Portfolio I didn't even know existed (original price: 410). It consists of 16 black and white prints of the pin-ups from this issue inside a color cover (without any copy) of the Chaykin piece above. Good find! I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Wow, cool! ...but was the original price was $410? That seems crazy steep, even for a rare, low-print-count portfolio.

Whoops. Make that $10. I didn't get it for half that because it was a collectible, but the price was reasonable enough that I didn't even haggle; I just checked to make sure it was conplete.

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