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As I did with Batman Damned, I will be waiting until this is collected to read it. I'm doing the same thing with that Batman series where he's carrying the Joker's head around. I am looking forward to reading it.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE #3: Most of this issue is neither particularly good nor particularly bad (although the coloring is phenomenal!). About 2/3 of the way in, though, Batman comes into the story and Miller is in his wheelhouse. By the end of the story, Wonder Woman has brought them together. Then superman flies into space in search of Brainiac. I find myself wishing I had bought the Miller covers rather than the Romita ones. Oh, well.

IMMORTAL HULK #25: Reminds me of the "weird art" issue of Swamp Thing (but even less interesting). Par%l reminds me of Kilg%re. At $6, this one is skippable. At least next issue the Leader will be back (classic look with chin beard).

...Yesterday I finished the DEATH'S HEAD mini from Marvel. It ended well - I had been gratified when I saw the first issue, as I had remembered liking that DEATH'S Head and being - a bit disappointed? - when Death's Head II killed him at the time (He, uh, got better) The story involved Hulkling and - Scarlet Witche's son? They're both offspring from another universe? We're they in the Avenger a few years back when I did that " Avenger pm pm platfer. " post that I never completed (I lost track of the titled involved there)?

FANTASTIC FOUR: GRAND DESIGN #1: The story is presented on pages using a modified 5x5 grid, meaning that most pages feature the equivalent of 25 panels, with one or more “double” or “triple” panels thrown in. At 40 pages, that’s the equivalent of 1000 panels! The issue starts out like the History of the Marvel Universe, but soon becomes more focused. I was going to point out some of the discrepancies between this series and canon, but, like the X-Men one, that’s not what this series is about. The art is deceptively simple, but many if not most of the panels are tributes to original panels or splashes or covers. Many of the early pages constitute standalone “stories” spotlighting a particular main or supporting character or villain. This is a whirlwind summary of the early years. I find it difficult to believe this series will be only two issues in length, because after one the story is up only to issue #48.

SHAM #6: Fletcher Hanks’ Stardust (“Starbux”) is spoofed this issue, one of the few features I’ll be able to compare with the original. “Bozo the Robot” (Binary Over-Zaealous Obliterator) is back, this time from Smash Comics #3. The third story is “The President’s Tweet is Missing!” originally a Frank Frazetta story from Personal Love #32. Bringing up the rear is “Johnny Sassback” (from Johnny Danger #1) by Jack Sparling. And of course there are the usual ad parodies.

And that’s all the new comics I read over the weekend. I’m three or four weeks behind reading some titles because I’ve been concentrating on various other discussions.

...Wiccan was the other male ex-Young Avenger IN DEATH'S HEAD, but there is a female characters I forget the name of ( My copies of the earlier issued are now in storage) who is cuddling abed in one of the two's arms at the end - I thought at first that she was the other male.

BLACKSTARS #1: It’s the first issue and I’m already completely lost. I guess that’s the hallmark of a Grant Morrison series. I’m in for the duration because it will last only three issues.

I have read a lot of Kick-Ass today. I was coughing all day at work yesterday, so I thought it best that I hang out around here today and try to recoup. This morning, I read through all four Dave Lezewski volumes of Kick-Ass. I was gifted the first volume in HC last year as part of a Christmas gift exchange, and watched the movie last weekend. I thought the movie was okay, but the books are stellar.

I had a recommendation from a friend last year as well that I needed to read Hit-Girl in her international miniseries, with art and writing by different teams on each one. I haven't read any of them yet, but with creative teams that include Jeff Lemire, Rafael Albequerque, and Eduardo Risso, I'm looking forward to them. I did read a couple issues of the Lemire/Risso book on Comixology, but I have the full volume now.

Dammit, I'm a middle-aged man, and a cynical old bastard, to boot! I did NOT just get emotional over the end of a Squirrel Girl comic!

God, I'm going to miss this book, it's like seeing a friend go away when you don't know if they're ever coming back, and knowing it'll never be quite the same if they do. (Christ Almighty, I hope Marvel never lets anyone turn Doreen into a sexpot or a grim 'n' gritty killer type, or kills her off to make some future villain look like a "threat".)

Until I read this book, I had no idea just how much I NEEDED to read about a character who solved things nonviolently when she could, dealing with villains by figuring out what they wanted and working out a way to get it for them, rather than just punching them in the face or blasting them, someone to whom I could imagine the Doctor herself saying, "Damn, Doreen, I wish I was as good as you!"

While making my rounds, I lucked into a copy of Showcase Presents: Weird War Tales, Vol. 1. It covers issues #1-21 (September-October 1971--January 1974).

I usually don't favor black-and-white reprints of comics published in color, because most of them are drawn in an open-line style. I know some people like some of them -- in particular, Jeff has lauded the Gene Colan/Tom Palmer art in Tomb of Dracula being well-suited to black-and-white reprinting, because it does use spot blacks and shadows very well.

I think black-and-white works here with Weird War Tales, too. The stories are no great shakes, but there's an array of top-notch war artists, including Russ Heath, Mort Drucker, Irv Novick, Sam Glanzman, George Evans and the venerable Ross Andru/Mike Esposito team; contributions from Neal Adams, Reed Crandall, Walt Simonson and Alex Toth; and stuff from DC's Filipino contingent: Alex Niño, Alfred P. Acala, Gerry Talaoc, Quico Redondo, and Tony deZuñiga.

The first few stories are reprints from other DC war titles, with covers and moody framing sequences by Joe Kubert -- and even two-page short-short stories based on the cover image. 

I've been reading Nick Cardy Aquamans in the third showcase. His murky underwater scenes benefit from the B&W too.

Underwater scenes should be murky. It's dark down there!

"Dammit, I'm a middle-aged man, and a cynical old bastard, to boot! I did NOT just get emotional over the end of a Squirrel Girl comic!"

What comic are you reacting to? I do not see a Squirrel Girl solicited for this week. I mean, it could have shipped previously, but did her series just come to an end or something? We started buying Squirrel Girl a while ago (based largely on your reccomendation), but gave our copies to Tracy's young cousins witht the intention of buying a collection for ourselves (which we haven't yet done).

AV Club reported last May that The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl series would end with issue #50. It is, as they say, on the stands now.

The final story arc in the title begins in issue #47.

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