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I spent the weekend re-reading…

GOLD KEY STAR TREK: Gets worse every time I read it.

JACK KIRBY’S 1970’S CAPTAIN AMERICA: Gets better every time I read it.

Ooh, I so want to read this.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

I spent the weekend re-reading…

JACK KIRBY’S 1970’S CAPTAIN AMERICA: Gets better every time I read it.

You know what? I’m enjoying it so much this time around that I am considering buying the “omnibus” collection, because I know I’ll re-read it in the future. I’ve read it X times so far, I think: once when it first came out, a second time in college, a third time after Kirby died, a fourth time when I was doing those daily “Jack Kirby’s [title]” posts on this board, and a fifth time over the weekend. That’s roughly once each decade, so I’ll be due again roughly 2023 or so. If I do buy the omnibus, I’d be willing to part with the three tpbs collecting the run. I’ll keep you in mind.

Just to follow-up on the discussion of Werewolves in the Heartland: I was incredibly disappointed with it, in large part because of the inconsistent art. But the story seemed paper-thin as well -- although I lay much of the blame for that at the feet of the art, too. When it's tough to tell one Aryan werewolf from another, it's really impossible to follow along as they plot against one another. I'm not sure which inkers were responsible for what, but there were some Craig Hamilton-drawn pages that were so short on detail and expression that it felt like I was looking at colorforms. (I'm not certain this can be blamed on that particular inker, entirely, Vinnie Colletta-style; it's possible Hamilton does most of his detail work in the inking stage, and the other inker was just being faithful to his pencils.)

Anyway, this is the only Fables book I've ever regretted buying, even at basically half price from InStockTrades. I'll be flipping it on eBay soon, I expect.

But there'll be an unsightly gap on your shelf?


And ... Aryan wolves?  Straight Aryan wolves, I hope!

I have to say that i bought that same book from Amazon, I believe, and while I haven't read it yet, I agree that the artwork looks incredibly lackluster and unbecoming of the Fables title. I don't think I will get rid of mine, though, as I have thus far all of everything Fables. It just seems like it ought to belong to the collection.

Emerald and Other Stories by Hiroaki Samura. Probably best know for his Blade of the Immortal manga, this book shows just how creative and versatile Samura really is. We get everything from a western (which was really great) to a comic about mahjong. I also really like the humor one called "Uniforms Stay On" about high school girls. Even the title made me laugh. Overall I thought it was a really good read.

I read Uncanny X-Men #1 this morning before getting up to go to work. It was really good, with some really stellar artwork by Chris Bachalo. Bendis has altered his writing style a little bit with his move to the X-Men U. I have to say I like it in a different way than I did his work on Avengers U. It's less talky.

I've been reading an enjoyable webcomic called Widdershins. This is a light adventure series set in a version of the 19th century with magic. So far two stories have been completed and a third is underway.


The opening strips provide a good idea of what the comic has to offer. The second story has different protagonists to the first. The characters are likeable, and the art is attractive, in a cartoony style showing a manga influence, and coloured. The current story features the return of the protagonists from the first one, a bluestocking lady bounty hunter and an enthusiastic former student magician.

I read Neon Genesis Evangelion Comic Tribute. Various manga artists spoof NGE. It's a superb example of something which is hysterically funny (I laughed out loud reading it,  which I almost never do.) if you are familiar with the thing being mocked. So, if you're an NGE fan, I heartily recommend it, but if you're not, this would not be a good book to start with.

XIII vol4. 4 Spads - in this volume we finally found out who XIII really was. I think. This is the third "real" identity he has been given. There was also a large info dump laid on the reader. Easily the weakest of the volumes I have read so far.

Getting back to B.P.R.D. with B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Russia (Vol. 3 of the new series). Tyler Crook is now the full-time artist, after taking over for the second arc in the previous collection. The big cliffhanger was Abe Sapien's injury, which so far has only been mentioned briefly (but things don't look good). Kate Corrigan and Johann Kraus have gone to Russia to look into an outbreak of walking dead and some kind of possession, both of them the apparent result of a contagion.

The last story in the IDW Steve Niles Omnibus is The Lurkers, a four part miniseries with art by Hector Casanova. This is another Meeednight Pulp presentation about ghouls and a police investigation, but the tone is more serious than the Secret Skull mini that precedes it in the collection.

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