Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1, which was really good ("There will be no eating of teammates."), and G.I. Joe: Cobra #1-3. People who know me know that I don't just pick up and read a G.I. Joe comic. I've never been into them, and I was never even into the toys, really. But the guys on iFanboy really recommended this book, saying it doesn't feel like a Joe book at all. And it really doesn't. It's a lot more like a Queen and Country story. One of the guys (in the Hawaiian shirt) goes undercover, and it's an extremely good spy story so far. Cobra nor G.I. Joe (I believe) have never been mentioned in this book, but some of the characters have. VERY highly recommended!

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LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES (2010): Earth-Man is like the 31st century Guy Gardner. He rejects the power ring, but is becoming a good Legionnaire. He and Shadow Lass end up in bed together. After Earth-Man rejects the power ring, Diogene of OA offers it to Professor Harmonia Li, but she turns it down as well. Issue #6 folds the Legion Acadamy into the backstory. Also, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl take a leave of absence and Cosmic Boy steps down as leader, setting up another reader election.

AVENGERS #681, “No Surrender” Pt. 7: This issue features the origin of Voyager. There is still no explanation of why the characters remember her although the readers do not, although I suspect it ties I with her scientist father’s theory of “quantum entanglement” (which is quite interesting, BTW). I’m still not a fan of the “murky” art. If Image artists of the ‘90s learned how to draw from reading comics, I suspect the Avengers artists leared from reading ‘90s Image comics.

CHARLTON ARROW #3: The antithesis of Avengers, “No Surrender” in terms of clear storytelling.

LSH: ADVENTURE COMICS #521: Immediately follows the end of Legion of Super-Heroes #7 and reveals the new Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814: Mon-El!

(I was so eager to continue this story of the Green Lantern of the 31st century that I read Adventure #521 in favor of some of the other new comics I bought yeaterday.)

FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS #7: I read one other new comic last night I forgot about this morning. This is the concluding chapter of the “Birdman” three-parter by Phil Hester and Steve Rude. Nexus is among my favorite series of all time, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more of that any time soon, if ever, but Hester and Rude’s version of Birdman is a welcome substitute. Issue #7 features some of Rude’s most innovative layouts ever. I know he’s not fast enough to do a regular monthly (or even bi-monthly) series, but if he were to do a series of rotating features such as this one, and the publishers would hold off the solicitation until the work’s in the can, that would be ideal.

BLACK PANTHER #1-6 (2005): I didn’t much care for this revision of the Panther’s origins by Reginald Hudlin and John Romita when it first came out. It’s almost like a “Post-Crisis” without a “crisis” to follow. It’s a pretty drastic re-write of continuity, and I’m not even certain when it’s supposed to take place. (Before or after the FF first encounter him?) Klaw’s band of mercenaries include the villainous Black Knight and the Rhino. (Wasn’t the Black Knight dead by the time the Rhino came on the scene?) The Radioactive Man is also a character, now Russian rather than Chinese. (Also, wasn’t the Rhino originally Russian? He’s American here.)

Fifth century Wakandans speak colloquial American English, there is a French slur in two consecutive isues, and a character named “Dondi Reese” who is obviously a stand-in for Concoleezza Rice. Putting aside the continuity issues, the story itself is not bad. I’d recommend it if that kind of thing doesn’t bother you.

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