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X-MEN — GRAND DESIGN: SECOND GENESIS #2: This is another comic I read and enjoyed recently. This installment takes us up nearly to Uncanny X-Men #200. Odd changes to canon this issue include substituting Madelyn Pyror for Lee Forrester in Cyclops’ romantic life. This also issue did a good job of smoothing out the tangled skein of Carol Danvers’ backstory.

MARVEL MASTERWORKS MS. MARVEL: I like the convoluted “unique-to-comic-books” aspect of Carol Danvers’ story as collected in two seminal volumes of Marvel Masterworks. If you haven’t seen it, Ms. Marvel’s series ended with issue #23. A 24th and 25th were planned (the cover of #24 is presented in volume two), but not published until years later.

The character’s next significant appearance (outside of the Avengers main title) would have been Avengers Annual #10, which was written as if Ms. Marvel #24-25 had been published. MMW Ms. Marvel Vol. 2 presents all of these stories (plus key pages of Avengers dealing with Carol Danvers’ pregnancy) out of publication order but rather in the chronological order of how these stories happened.

It reads a lot better that way.

I'll have to give Britannia a try, Cap -- that sounds like a lot of fun. I liked Seeds more than you did, though -- it's just the sort of measured dystopia I enjoy, and with its no-tech zone, it reminds me somewhat of the movie Stalker, which has become a lens through which I view a lot of fiction like this since I watched it last year. 

One question about Britannia -- since I think this is the issue that kept me away from it when I first heard about it -- is it connected to the rest of the Valiant Universe? I've heard good things about the Valiant books, but another universe is the last thing I need to be diving into right now. Basically, if it's not a DC book at the moment (or Marvel via Marvel Unlimited), I like my comics self-contained. 

I don't recall any connection between Brittania and the rest of the Valiant Universe, Rob. After all, the VU takes place in the present, and Brittania takes place around 6 A.D. So if there is any oblique mention, it's not signficant. It's just historical fiction, which I love.

As to Seeds, I confess I was pretty close to enraged by the misrepresentation of journalism through the first two issues ("two sides to every story," the fake-news newspaper). I have always accepted that my  profession, like every other, is misrepresented in fiction. But with the current assault on that profession directly from the White House and Congress, the casual smearing in this book takes on added weight. A profession under siege needs support, not a cynical piling-on, or it may not be there for Seeds, in whatever near future it takes place.

So that may have predisposed me to dislike Seeds, whatever other story it tells.

I didn’t read any comic strips yesterday, but I did read some new comic books.

MARVEL MASTERWORKS KILLRAVEN: Don McGregor wrote a revealing eight page introduction to this volume. This volume contains all of the Killraven stories from Amazing Adventures plus the graphic novel. McGregor didn’t know Amazing Adventures #39 would be the last issue at the time he wrote it. When he wrote the graphic novel, his intention was not to resolve the Earth/Mars war, but rather the story arc he had been working on at the time the series was cancelled.

In the ‘90s, McGregor was hired to bring the war to an end and the series to a close. The serial was to have appeared in Marvel Comics Presents (this was around the time he and Gene Colan were doing “Panther’s Quest” in MCP), but P. Craig Russell wanted to do it in a better format. The EIC wouldn’t approve it, but the script is complete, waiting to be illustrated.

DICK TRACY DEAD OR ALIVE #1: This comic confirmed to me that no one other than Chester Gould can do Dick Tracy. That doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t like it. It is so different from what I think of as “Dick Tracy” that, under other circumstances, I would suggest that the creative team involved simply create their own comic book detective and be done with it. However, I do like to see other interpretations.

STRANGERS IN PARADISE #6: Up until now, the story has focused on Katchoo. In this issue, we get to see what Francine is up to.

I also read Mister Miracle #11 and Immortal Hulk #6.

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