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...I finished Saturday Evening Pearls. It's 2007-8 strips. One I enjoyed seeing again was a Sunday that parodies soap opera strips, I remember seeing that then! Topical references: Jokes on " Mission Accomplished " and someone's " stance " in the men's loo!

...I am now reading that 2019 Steve Roper & Mike Nomad crossover story in DICK TRACY,

  The strip is copyrighted King Features so I guess Trib DID go OOB as a strip-distributing company! :-@! I tried to find that " Comic Strip Nation " page and could not find it, haven't tried for that Facebook version yet!

Me am re-read Tales of Bizarro World.  It am very suspenseful because it am basically same story over-and-over with small variations.

It am mixed bag, though. There am some bits that are not tedious or unfunny, and even some that am amusing and clever.

Now re-reading The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen.

Now re-reading DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories.

Heh. Funny review of Tales of the Bizarro World. I've got all three of those collections. Here's a link to Imaginary Stories on Infinite Earths.

Just notified that my copy of Batman: Creature of the Night collection should be arriving Tuesday from Amazon. 

Agents of Atlas #1-11 (2009): as part of "Dark Reign", Jimmy Woo tries to "Green Hornet" Norman Osborn and finds out what happened to his long lost love, Suwan. They battle Bucky-Cap and the New Avengers, Namor and the Hulk. Namora learns why she was born and her secret love! M-11 learns about his heritage. And they all learn not to trust dragons!

Blackhawk #244-251 (1976-77) mediocre reboot of the Ace Aviators. They get updated uniforms and secret identities. Drama is forced at every turn and no one explains why guys who fought in WWII still look the same age after thirty years! Standard super-villains, though Biolord was interesting and the return of both Killer Shark and the War Wheel! They add FIVE female supporting cast members including the bikini-wearing Duchess Fatale or Patch (she's called both) and Ilsa, Hendrickson's daughter! The brief revival ended with the death of a Blackhawk!

Dipping into some back issues lately:

Batman #490 - Bruce is NOT Batman. Azrael is. I was originally confused as I thought it was too early for Bruce's back to be broken. It was. Bruce is just sick in bed, and Azrael was running around as Batman. The Riddler is on the loose, so Bruce takes over Batman again. Bane gets to The Riddler first and injects him with some venom. This makes him a tougher physical opponent but his riddles are easier. Not a bad story, but I don't know if Jim Aparo was feeling the crunch, but the art wasn't that great. I did like the Travis Charest cover.

Batman Annual #18 - Part of the Elseworlds year of annuals, and it was terrible. Trying to tie-in Da Vinci into Batman with a tale that takes place in modern time and the past with Da Vinci. Dealing with the theft of the Mona Lisa now, and a tale of revenge in the past. It had weird pacing and terrible art. Hard pass.

Batman Annual #22 - This one was part of the Ghosts year. It was okay, but pretty weird.. A ghost has animated the armor that Azrael was using. he is using the armor to make one of his relatives have a miscarriage. If that happens, then the ghost will have a new body to live in? I don't know man. Cool Bernie Wrightson cover.

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