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Jeff, issue 14 is the last issue by Johns and Eaglesham. Issue 15 (which is supposed to come out this month) is the last issue of the series with a guest writer and artist, which seems very 2020 to me. This was announced back in June, so I don't know if anything has changed since then.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

SHAZAM! #14: I bought this one last week (I think), another series I had considered dropping. Flipping through it I noticed a big ol' :END" on the last page and figured it was the last issue. can any one confirm?

From what I understand, the team doing issue 15 is the same team (or maybe it's just the same writer) that did the previous fill-in that was a Batman team-up. I didn't read it, but I heard good things -- basically, it hewed closer to the traditional Captain Marvel than the current series did (while not explicitly contradicting it). 

I just read Plunge, by Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen, back to back. Why I didn't just wait for the collection is anyone's guess. But man, it was an exciting, tense horror story, with a classic feel -- all beautifully illustrated by Immonen. When the collection comes out, I highly recommend it. 

Thanks for the info re: SHAZAM! #14/15, guys. I'll flip through it when it ships. Maybe I'll think of it as a "complete your collection special" (or not).

THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN #1: There are three features in this issue, all written by the same writing team, Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom. That displays a certain consistency of vision, but the price is $6 rather than $5 (which I still have a hard time justifying for a comic book). the main story has three-page intro set in 1966, then the main story is set in 2020. The story uses the original series (plural) as a springboard, but it does not reflect the continuity of any of them. For example, it is not Shin Hayata (the original Ultraman of the TV show) who was accidentally killed by the arrival of Ultraman in 1966, it is Dan Moroboshi (Ultra Seven from the TV show). 

In 2020, the main characters are Shin Hayata and Kiki Fuji, but not the ones you know from TV. Not only are they 50 years younger, but Fuji was accepted into the USP and Hayata was rejected. The narration hints at a rich backstory,but much of it has been "redacted". Circumstances throw Fuji, Hayata and Commander Ichinotani together as they make first contact with Ultraman, but the story is over just as it was getting good.

The second feature is set in 1954, in grey and white tones, and sets up a link between TV's Ultra Q and Ultraman. The art  is reminiscent of Chris Samnee's and, honestly, I read this story first. the third feature is a series of humorous one-pagers featuring Pigmon. (I'm assuming anyone reading this knows who that is.) There is a double-page spread of things to come that looks interesting. I wouldn't mind to see the price drop $1. (I nominate "Pigmon" to be cut.) Other than that, I can't recommend it yet, but I find this new series to be intriguing.

ASH & THORN #5: This series got off to a strong start, then petered out: good concept but weak execution. I don't get the recipes. I can't recommend it.

HAWKMAN #27: As I mentioned yesterday, I don't read this title, and in coming to a close after two more issues. Having said that, I really enjoyed it. Here's a bit of dialogue from the first page: "One moment we're dead and in the afterlife. Now we're... then." Okay, that;s all I need to know. The art is great. Does it fit in continuity? There is no "continuity" anymore. Embrace it! Just look at the ads in this issue (or any DC comic book this month). "Dark Nights." Death Metal." "Multiverse's End." "Black Label." " DCeased." Yuck. not for me. The DCU has become a dark and dystopian place. (This issue is not that way.) Sad to say, but if DC were to stop publishing periodicals in 2021 I would not miss the it. It would be euthanasia. 

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