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In my humble opinion, Future Quest was a lot better than many of the other DC-Hanna Barbera efforts.

Not sure why there hasn't been more HB appearances since, but I would love to see FQ continue as well as many of the other adventure characters/series like Space Ghost, the Herculoids, The Pirates of Dark Water, etc. as long as they're treated right and with respect like Future Quest did.

I've never seen Pirates of Dark Water. When it was on TV Marvel published a series, for 9 issues.

SERIAL #3: This series tells an over-aching story, but each issue (so far) can be read and appreciated individually. 

MAESTRO: WAR & PAX #4: Dr. Doom is thrown into the mix.

RORSCHACH #7: Characters this issue include Otto Binder, Wil Meyerson and Frank Miller.

AMAZING WORLD OF SUPERMAN: Although this is not a "treasury edition" I owned when I was little, I have seen it many, many times on the backissue market and comic shops over the year. The reason for its ready availability, I think, is the same reason why I never picked it up myself: no one wants it. It's really more a a black & white picture magazine, with a couple of comic book stories originally presented in color reprinted in black & white duo-tome. But, for some reason, DC decided to release it in hardcover and, for some reason, I decided to buy it. One thing I never knew about it (because I never did anything more than flip through it before) was that it was intended to promote a proposed Superman theme park in Metropolis, IL that never came to pass. It comes with an absolutely hideous wall poster. I appreciate this kind of kitsch more now than I would have in the past but, although it's not too expensive as these things go ($20), I really can't recommend it to anyone except the most diehard of Superman memorabilia collectors. 

I know it's a typo, but "over-aching" is a good description for many comics stories that I've read over the years.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

SERIAL #3: This series tells an over-aching story, but each issue (so far) can be read and appreciated individually. 

Every once in a while I'll throw in a typo on purpose just to see if anyone's paying attention.

(This wasn't one of those times.) 

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