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I read: 

  1. DC Presents: Blue Devil and Black Lightning: This was really just pretty much okay. I had such high hopes, but instead I got personality-free versions of the characters I knew from the DCOld. Which is pretty much par for the course with the rest of the DCNu.
  2. Deadpool #1: Loved this so much. Geoff Darrow's cover brought me in (got a sweet sketch inside an issue of Shaolin Cowboy from him early last summer) and the writers Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and artist Tony Moore just delivered again and again, jokes and action in every panel of this thing. Doggone it is this ever good.

Finished Jeff Lemire's The Underwater Welder, which I'd definitely recommend to fans of his Essex County series. The Introduction compares it to The Twilight Zone, which really kicks in when you get to the third of four parts.  Also Planetary Chapters 23 - 24. There's only three issues left, but I decided to emulate the monthly reading experience by waiting until next weekend to finish the series.

I read Ghosts, the book from Vertigo. Great list of creators, and it was good to see some work by Phil Jimenez again, but nothing all that memorable in there. I liked all of them as I was reading them, but can't remember much about any of them.

Gray Morrow's Orion and the Edge of Chaos. The Orion story I thought was really fantastic. It was his homage to classic comic strips. Much more adult though as there was a ton of nudity, so not for kids. Edge of Chaos grew on me as I read it, but it seemed like he had a lot more he wanted to do more with the story but then had to quickly wrap everything up in the third issue.

Also, Sight Unseen by Robert Tinnell and Bo Hampton. I've decided I have come around on horror comics, and I can say I genuinely like them. This was really good. A blind man can wears special glasses that allows him to see the ghosts that his seeing-eye dog can see. Yet that is all he can see, are ghosts, it also allows him to hear them. There were some genuine scary moments in the book. When I met Bo Hampton in Austin a couple of weeks back, he told me that was his baby, and he was really proud of it. Good stuff if you ever have a chance to check it out.

I am in serious danger of not keeping my 2012 new year’s resolution: to keep current in all archival reprint series which I haven’t already fallen behind reading. To that end, I put my T&P reading on hold and read…

LI’L ABNER: Tried (and failed) to finish volume four; volume five ships this week. I have just the last section of Sundays (1942) left to read. I was absolutely gob-smacked when I read the daily strip from Christmas Day, 1942. Unless I misinterpreted his intent (and I don’t think I did), Al Capp, though Daisy Mae, advocated that young women should put out for service men. The actual words were not to be “standoff-ish,” but in context it was pretty clear what he was really talking about.

MICKEY MOUSE: As of last week, I’m now two volumes behind (three and four).

FLASH GORDON / JUNGLE JIM: One volume behind.

POPEYE: One volume behind (but at least it’s the last).

MAGNUS, ROBOT FIGHTER: Finished volume one; started volume two.

An article by Russ Manning on the creation of Magnus can be found here.

Thanks, Luke! That jibes with the information presented in the introduction to the first archive. I’ve hard-copied Manning’s personal reminiscences to keep under the cover of volume one.

I have to admit to reading very few modern comics and 52 was a jumping off point rather than a jumping on point.  But there is so much high quality older material in comics, newspaper strips and non-American publications to discover and re-discover. Yesterday I visited a couple of friends and borrowed the 4 volumes that they had of Connie, the newspaper strip by Frank Godwin, including the full first year, 1929-1930.  I'm well in to the first volume and it's a good, well done, funny storyline with enough humour and peril.  Plus, I bought a small pile of Dell westerns and had a read at an issue of Gunsmoke.  Thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I had been unfamiliar with Connie until it turned up recently in the second issue of Sunday Funnies.

Now that I know entire volumes of reprints exist, I'll have to seek them out.

I'm also interested in Connie due to the quality of Godwin's art and the strip's later SF content. Godwin also did other newspaper strips, and some Wonder Woman stories for DC (the GCD currently credits him with five). Connie was reprinted for a period in Famous Funnies. Lambiek's page on the artist is here.

The 4 vols. I borrowed are:- Connie 1929-1930 , published by Hyperion Press, Inc. Westport, Connecticut, with introduction by Maurice Horn; 

Connie, published by Arcadia Publications, Greenfield, WI (1989) and the strips appear to be from 1930;

Connie, Captives of the Space Pirates & Master of the Jovian Moons, Pacific comics Club;

Connie, Battle for Titan & Predators of Polaria, Pacific Comics Club.    Both 2009.

One of many other newspaper strips I've been enjoying is Jeff Hawke by Sydney Jordan and there are a number of vols available.  Some individual strips here:-

And info and sample pages here:-

Mr Jordan is one of the good guys, so if you like what you see, support him by buying the books.  The 2 most recent reprints are on Amazon:-

Jeff Hawke is currently being reprinted in a periodical Jeff Hawke's Cosmos by the Jeff Hawke Club. See here.

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