I live with Holly, my wife of 13 years, and my three 7 year old daughters.  Given that they live with me...comics are always around.  Holly cut her comics teeth on the same books many of us did...Disney, Mad magazine, comic strip reprint books of Garfield and Bloom County...but she quit reading comics until I met her in medical school.  I loaned her Sandman and Swamp Thing and she liked them...but Starman was the first one she really liked.  From there, it went to Alan Moore's ABC books...especially The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  She currently reads PVP, Proof, the Perhapanauts, Powers, and a few more that don't start with P.  Oh, yeah, Lenore is probably her favorite comic. 


My girls have enjoyed a lot of comics...Little Lulu, Tiny Titans, Batman, Owly...but recently Smile by Raina Telgemeier and the Archie line of books have taken the lead.  Rose is way into the character of Jughead and has started drawing comics starring herself, her sisters, and sometimes the Archie gang. 


What's it like in your house?

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I am the only person in my family who has ever read comics, at least remotely close to a regular basis - unless you count my older brother who used to read Mad and Crazy (do they count as a "comics"?) as a teenager, over 45 years ago.

One of my much older brothers-in-law used to love reading comics, until about 15-20 years ago, but he is obviously not a blood relative.

My father has never shown the remotest interest in them to this day - mind you, he was already 16 years old and working when Action Comics #1 came out, and his generation of teenagers were the last for whom there were extremely few comics available to speak of anyway.

I try to avoid anyone else reading anything in my house since the only person that comes here is my sister and when she "borrows" something I usually never see it again. I had Night Nurse#1 before it was worth anything and made the mistake of letting her read it. She returned it with the cover torn off.

That is one long-held grudge!

Kathy reads Walking Dead, Revival, Afterlife with Archie (sensing a theme here?), but also Archie and a couple of webcomics... Girl Genius and Order of the Stick. Plus an occasional OGN. The last one was Chester Brown's Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus, which I liked better than she did.

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