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I went to the Baltimore ComicCon today and met José Luis García-Lopez!



Yeah! I haven't been to a comics convention in more than 15 years, and I had an invitation to something else that day, but I didn't want to wait another year for this. I'm so glad I did. 

Not having been to a comics convention in several years, I made the mistake of not buying my tickets in advance, which meant waiting a hour in line -- and the cash line was shorter than the credit card line, which cut into the funds I had available to buy stuff. 

But -- I met José Luis García-Lopez! I didn't even care that Neal Adams was in the next row over. I didn't care that Stan Lee and John Romita were doing a panel (that was a VIP event, which cost ten times the one-day admission price). I didn't even care that there was a whole room full of other artists, writers and editors showing and selling their wares (although I did spot Brian Bolland, Walt Simonson, Louise Simonson, and Paul Levitz). I met José Luis García-Lopez! 

And he was supremely cool, and modest as anything. I paid him to do a sketch of Jonah Hex. On the table was some portfolios of his work -- sketches, covers, actual inked pages from comics I've read such as Superman, Tarzan, JLA Confidential, etc. -- and my wife was looking at them and I was gushing like a fire hose about all the wonderful work he's done, and he called her over and said to her, "Don't believe everything you hear."

A truly wonderful man.

Wonderful stuff.  JLG-L is a legend indeed.


So what has he been doing with himself all this time, anyhow?  It's a long time since he did any kind of regular comics work.


I hope he got paid something for all those images of his that I've seen on T-shirts over the last few years.

I read just now that he got a flat rate and some bonuses for doing about 150 or so images for licensing and for the DC Style Guide -- the book that DC gave to its artists to know what the characters are supposed to look like. 

I got a lot of stuff done today--lots of things crossed successfully off of my list. I went to church early this morning, went to school and got all of my copies made for the week, a whole lot of planning done for this week, and more stuff planned than I can possibly pack into my class schedule--which is always better than not having enough. My fantasy football season is off to a good start, and while my tutoring schedule is packed this week, that always means some good money coming down the pike. The weather today was pretty much perfect. The evening sky was filled with hot air balloons. Great day.

Okay, I didn't get emotional until I read the second to last paragraph. Waterworks.

Doctor Hmmm? said:

I enjoyed "The Cat's Meow". You should see "RKO 281" (referred to as the untold story of the making of Citizen Kane). It suggests another meaning for Rosebud that supposedly was another reason for Hearst to want to bury the film.

George Poague said:

"Citizen Kane" gets showing at Hearst Castle. All is forgiven!

I kinda doubt they'll host a screening of "The Cat's Meow," however.

I just got an email from someone named Ben Grimm.

I got one from Jim Olson

This close....

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