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Mark Sullivan said:
PowerBook Pete said:
ClarkKent_DC said:
And that was before NBC bought Universal Studios. Now that NBC owns the property -- fourth-place NBC, which is bleeding money, which shed hundreds of people this year and last in corporate downsizings, which is more than willing to suffer low ratings with Jay Leno in primetime because it's cheaper than actual entertainment -- it's fine with changing out the cast of another Law & Order show. Remember, Criminal Intent is on USA just to save it from being canceled outright on NBC.

Ooh, low blow. I'm not a big Leno fan, but I'd at least call him somewhat entertaining. And cheaper than actual programming, too!

If you're entertained by Jay Leno in prime time ... well, I can't say you have lots of company, because the numbers have been, well, pretty abysmal (look here at MediaLife magazine):

"Through his first three full weeks, Leno has averaged a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating, according to Nielsen data provided by NBC. Among adults 25-54, the key demo for the affiliates' local news lead-out, Leno has averaged a 2.9.

"But that average includes strong numbers from its first week, the week ended Sept. 20 and the week before the other networks premiered their 10 p.m. shows. The debut averaged a 5.3 in 18-49s.

"In the two weeks since, ratings have fallen to half that."

The article goes on to say that it hasn't been a total flop, coming in first at least twice over that span and rising and falling based on what else NBC is showing on a given night. But what almost everyone predicted is coming true: Leno is coming in third more often than not, and pulling down the ratings for the local news that follows on most NBC stations. On the network level, NBC doesn't care; this strategy isn't about winning, but stopping the bleeding. On the local station level, they care a LOT; they DO want to win! (A Newsday writer floated this idea: Put the local news on at 10 and Leno on at 10:30.)

Anyway, that crack was meant to be less a dig at Jay Leno (and The Jay Leno Show) than at NBC. If Jay Leno entertains you, God bless you.
What made me smile today? Bully's arrangement of "Angel Love."
Yesterday, I saw Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death. There's a very cute homage to Batman (1966) that made me smile.
From Twitter: MancowMuller - Twitter just launched a Japanese version of its service. Most of the postings so far are about giant monster attacks.
A couple of those are from here.
PowerBook Pete said:
A couple of those are from here.

Memphis. There's one from the NBC affiliate and one from the CBS affiliate.
I don't smile anymore.

(Hey, wait a second...)
I can't smile without you ...
Doctor Hmmm? said:
I can't smile without you ...

Anytime I hear this song now I think of Hellboy and smile.

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