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A high school classmate just posted a picture of her and her three daughters on Facebook. The picture looks like a casting call for a Wonder Woman movie.
My 7-year old came running down asking me Pokemon questions as she tries again for her fourth badge!
Girl-scouts get badges for Pokemon now?

(Anyway, I thought Pokemon was ancient history? Maybe its a badge for 'great cults of bygone eras.')
It's celebrating its 15 year anniversary! Hardly a fad with its fifth generation coming up!
Fifth generation in 15 years? They breed quickly, those little fellas.
I discovered today that my public library has a monthly subscription to Superman — and that's the only comic they have a subscription to. I find that incredibly funny for some reason. :)
Alan M. said:
I discovered today that my public library has a monthly subscription to Superman — and that's the only comic they have a subscription to. I find that incredibly funny for some reason. :)

My own library system, and I'm guessing every library in Australia, seems to have a standing subscription to the Phantom comic that is published I think about 40 times a year here in Australia. The Phantom is big in Oz...
Today, I wore one of my Superman baseball caps, the one I call my Bizarro hat, because the colors on the S-shield are reversed: yellow, with a red background. (It came with a matching T-shirt, but I wasn't wearing it.)

This morning when I went to the subway station, and again this evening when I walked came through that same station, someone said to me, "I like your hat."

"That's the second time today someone said that to me," I said to the second person.

She said, "That's okay. Today, we needed a Superman."*

*Today being the day after an armed kook took hostages at the Discovery Communications headquarters.
"Why don't they just download the Korans to their Kindles and angrily delete them?"
Last Sunday, I was at Oriole Park at Camden Yards ... which so happened to be the 15th anniversary of the day Cal Ripken tied Lou Gehrig's record for the most consecutive games played by an active major-league baseball player ...

... and Ripken himself was there to throw out the first ball!
We were having a conversation around the dinner table ... the topic of the dumbest team mascots came up, with my 16-year-old son criticizing the Armadillo ... I offered the Philly Phanatic and Wally the Green Monster ... my son countered with Bullwinkle, but he couldn't remember which school uses that mascot ...

I said, "Frostbite Falls? You know, he went to Wossamotta U."

My son started laughing because, he said, he finally got it! He said there have been many a time when he saw dear old dad (me) cracking up over something and he just didn't understand why. Like the bit in Toy Story in which Mr. Potato Head scrambles his features and says, "Look, I'm Picasso!" Now that he's an art student, he finally gets it!
Sometimes funnybook publishers make assumptions about their audience without even thinking about it.

Showcase Presents: World's Finest Volume 3 uses, for a cover image, the classic cover to World's Finest #168:

As it appears on the reprint volume, that cover becomes this:

It was only after I seen that cover image about a hundred times that it occurred to me that, stripped of its captions and word balooons, to a casual viewer with no particular savvy in "reading" comics covers ... well, it looks for all the world like Superman, Batman and Robin are just walloping some random, law-abiding citizens for the hell of it.

Heck, Superman --- the strongest man in the world -- is puttin' a beatin' on some guy with glasses, for goodness sake!

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