As some of you know, I fell off the DC comp list with The New 52, and decided that was a sign from Zeus to start trade-waiting. And with the April solicits, I see decision time has arrived.

That is to say: Which trades or HCs will I buy? I'm certainly not going to pop for all 52, so I have to pick and choose. So let me ask you, Legionnaires:

  • Which titles are so intrinsic to New 52 continuity that they are musts?
  • Which titles are just so flaming good that they are musts?
  • Which titles lend themselves to collections the best?
  • Which titles can be "safely" skipped?
  • Which titles are YOU buying?

And so forth. Sound off, folks! Which New 52 titles would you choose for the Captain Comics bookshelf?

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And just as with this, you're not going to start reading Wonder Woman at volume 4. You would begin with the first. The family dynamics are truly what make this book so awesome. I've heard people moaning and wailing that this book is overshadowed by its own supporting cast, and while that may be true for those who love their Wonder Woman, I can't imagine that this version of the character is the right one for fans of the past versions.

Plus, in this version we have Orion in his best (yes, BEST) characterization yet in all of comicdom. Yes, including the Jack Kirby creation years. Yes, including the Walt Simonson years.

Okay, so it wasn't quite three years, but DC did produce the first hardcover of Batman/Superman. I read it this morning, and what I really really enjoyed about it is that DC is allowing Greg Pak to do something completely different with these characters in terms of story. I love the friction amongst the wide cast of characters: two Batmans, the two Supermans, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Catwoman, Ma and Pa Kent, Alfred... I was really surprised by just how much I enjoyed this book. I clearly wouldn't have bought it if I didn't think it would be worth reading, but this turned out to be a real treat.

The artwork--most of it by Jae Lee--really adds something to the tone of this book. While you might think "vampire story" when you see his work, there is a humor in Pak's writing. It's kind of like eating a sweet-and-salty snack; it's somehow better than anything else. The artists they hired to complement Lee (Paulo Siqueira, Ben Oliver, and Yildiary Cinar) really stepped up their games and matched Lee in quality.

This contains the first four issues of Batman/Superman, plus a Villains United special issue written by Pak that is about Darkseid. It's not a total nonsequitur, as I thought it would be at first. There is a character in that book that ties it in with the other story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Nice info here.

I've been reading the first issues of almost every book, but then hooked off for personal reasons.

Probably will read them, though, a friend of mine is collecting.

my favorites were :

Batman - Snyder is awesome.

Catwoman - very sexy (only got to issue n.5)

Aquaman - for the first time I liked the character.

Animal Man, Swamp Thing - personal faves cause of the horror ambient.

All Star Western - the big surprise of the year. loved it!

Savage Hawkman - the first issue tricked me to read the next two. lame.

Voodoo - liked the start, but got kind of pale around issue 5-6.

Your appraisal kinda mirrors my own, KB. I started with all, and winnowed them down. Batman, All Star Western, Animal Man and Swamp Thing are still in my Top 10. I also still read Batgirl (I've no interest in the character, but Gail Simone never disappoints), and love Wonder Woman (for the first time ever).

And I'll always read Green Lantern and Justice League, because they make my inner 12-year-old smile.

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