I bought new comics (and old) yesterday and ACTION COMICS #985 and #986 were among them.
It occurred to me, when I looked at the numbers, that we are REALLY close to reaching ACTION #1000!
I used to imagine when ACTION would reach #1000 as a young fan, I counted forward to when it would happen (Of course, I didn't anticipate the period of far-more-than-monthly ACTION material that have, heh, primed the pump ahead of the 2020s, when I guess a 1970s schedule would have landed it - but, nonetheless, it's almost here:-)) I'll try and stay alive for this one!:-)...

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...Okay, thank you, more later.

I'd buy that for a dollar!

JD DeLuzio said:

Bouncing Boy teaming up with Herbie Popnecker against Marvel's Kingpin?

Yes, I see the door.

In all seriousness...

Mr. Mxyzptlk opens up a time and space dimensional warp that brings together various incarnations of Superman, Lois, Jimmy, and Lex Luthor. The Supermen have to band together to trick Mxy into going back to his own dimension, but they also have to deal with the combined brilliance of the Lex's and foil their evil plans.

There has to be at least one Jimmy transformation and the Lois's should fight over the various Supermen. In fact, I'd have the Lois's battle it out Spy vs. Spy style.

...Does anyone here other than me get ACTION currently?
It's on mg pull list.
As far as various Supermen - do yyou like the idea oc the 1938-1941 Superman, the ldss-powefex, more muscular social feformer " Captain Cleveland " one, as being a seperate Kal? Anx what about the " not in continuiy " Superman oc that two-page centerspfead storirs from thd weekly period? Anx have thosd ever been collected?

I would assume it would be an extra-large issue, containing the climax of whatever story-line is on-going at that time, and possibly a side-story or three, with maybe some of the other characters that have featured in the title over the years.  Probably a bunch of pin-ups from some big name artists. A center spread featuring the extended "Superman Family", perhaps.  Probably a text piece celebrating the title's history.  I wonder if it would be a little too "on-the-nose" to have the cover be an homage to the first cover.

Looks like there are two Action 1000s -- an extra-sized regular issue, and then a $30 hardcover that includes the regular issue, but also a bunch of extra material, various reprints from the run, and (I believe) a lost Siegel/Shuster story. 

...I thought the cover should be a Shuster drawing - even, if there are no unpublished Shusters of Kal available, a Shuster drawing of slomeone other than Kal inked to be a drawing of him! Just as they jiggered up a " new " Jack Kirby drawing of Green Arrow a few years ago for a book cover...I actually don't think the carsmash cover should be homaged, though, it's been so too many times recently. The unchanged Shuster drawing could be printed on the inside. Didn't the original fanzine appearance of " The Reign Of The Superman " have a ditto-type illustration by Joe? Not of our Superman, remember.

Luke Blanchard said:

Superboy debuted in More Fun Comics #101 while Siegel was in the army. But he had previously suggested a "Superboy" series about "Superman before he developed a social conscience", and the GCD currently credits him with the script of the first "Superboy" story.(1) Anyway, Joe Shuster is widely credited with the story's art.

Siegel and Shuster didn't just get their initial pittance followed by page rates. They had a deal with the company to produce all of the stories and art from their studio in Cleveland, which included other artists besides Shuster, who was slowly losing his sight. They were doing very well financially compared to most people of the time, in the middle of the Depression, until their contract expired. They just weren't getting all they deserved. The initial deal was that they were to get half of the profits. Creative accounting by Jack Leibowitz later showed (like many movie studios) that no profits were made. When the radio show started, the company said that the profits from it were not part of Siegel and Shuster's deal. Siegel wrote a story involving "K-Metal" which was similar to the later kryptonite. The story also involved Lois finiding out his secret and becoming his helper in his super-career. The company decided that Lois' existing relationship with Superman was too important at that point to the radio show, so they killed the whole story. Kryptonite was later used and named on the radio show. The Superboy concept was proposed by Siegel and the company initially was on board, trademarking the Superboy name. What Siegel gave them was more like a super-Dennis-the-Menace, which they declined to use. Later, when Siegel was in the Army in Maryland, the first Superboy story was published. It came from their studio and the company credited Siegel as the writer. He may or may not have been*, though Shuster was the artist. Yet another source of resentment for Siegel, since Superboy was not considered part of their deal.

* He didn't go overseas and may have occasionally written stories in his spare time.

The above information was gleaned from Gerard Jones' book Men of Tomorrow.

If the Action Comics #1000 cover doesn't reference / homage /duplicate the Action #1 cover, I will then expect the world to stop spinning on its axis.

Thanks, Richard. For a period Siegel was stationed in Hawaii. He was on the staff of an army newspaper called the Midpacifican and wrote a strip for it called Super G.I.

...It now is nearly here.  Could our beloved Captain PLEASE post the press-release full information on what the contents of both " ACTION #1000 "s will be? Both the actual comics-stand comic book and the deluxe hardcover release?

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