I admit to not having read more than a few dozen issues of his series (due to one particular artist whose style I hated) but should have some idea, surely? Cos arch enemies tend to recur.


DC seem recently to have suggested Deathstroke the Tosser, but he’s more general Titans than Dick. I remember lots of Blockbuster, the smart version. Would it be him? Rapist Tarantula? Ladyshave?


Or do I  fall back on Crazy Quilt?

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Philip Portelli said:
Red Robin is depressing, considering that Tim started off wanting to be Robin, because he felt that was what Batman needed to ground him and surpress his growing paranoia. Tim has fallen under the same rage and melancholy that Bruce did for the last 10 years and needs a new direction.

Are you reading the same series I am?

Tim has had an obsession with finding Bruce Wayne, believing him to be alive. (And he's right!) He's also been working hard to take down Ra's organization from within and without, while keeping to the values he's always had. He hasn't shown any "rage and melancholy", just frustration that no one believed him about Bruce, which was more out of character for everyone else than for Tim.

While Dick is doing a great job as Batman, bringing a swashbuckler sensibility back to the character that's been missing for 40+ years, Tim, as Red Robin, is also doing a great job as a pseudo-Batman, focusing on the planning and detective aspects of the character. The fight scene in RR #8 was absolutely amazing, showing for the first time I can recall, the way I imagine Batman thinks and plans during a fight. There's a scene in there somewhere (it's not handy) where Ra's says something to the effect of, "He had them all defeated before the fight began."
I'll have to take a look at that, I may have the issue. I've not been a regular reader since the first few issues as I did indeed find Tim too grim, and I'm no big fan of teaming up with assassins for any reason. What you describe sounds like another case of 'Batman can defeat anybody because he has prepared for 2.018 contingencies and no one else can so much as have a single creative thought during a fight'. Interesting ...
I always considered Devin Grayson to be Dick's most insidious foe!
Any obsession is still an unhealthy trait. Tim has alienated his friends and allies and pursued a dangerous path alone. He was justifiably angry at being *fired* as Robin, in mourning for his father, his friend Superboy (now returned) and his mentor (on his way back). Hopefully there will a brighter day for Tim as well!
I'm with you on Deathstroke. He's the worst of the worst.

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