I was thinking of starting a movie discussion group on the board. Seems like a lot of us enjoy films of all different sorts. We already have comic re-reading threads and TV series threads. Why not a movie one?


It would work similiar to a book club. I think we pick a movie and take about 2 weeks for everyone to get a chance to watch it. Then take a week to talk about it.


The film can be anything we don't have to stick to a specific genre. The only rules would be 1) no pornography films 2) something that's reasonably accessible. It may be fun to watch really obscure films but let's make sure there at least available on youtube before recommending them.


The film can be anything from a new release to an old favorite. It could be something you've seen a hundred times or have never seen it. It can be something you love or hate.


Respond back if you're interested. I think 3 to 5 people should be enough to get interested. Message me the films of your choice. I'll make a list with the first response being the first film. If you're the first to respond with 5 films, we won't watch all of your 5 films first. We'll watch the first and then move on to the next person who responded films and so one. Once we get through the participants first choice, we'll go through everyone's second.


If the film you picked is up for discussion, YOU start and lead the discussion. I'll add some of my choices to the mix and lead the discussion on those. I'll maintain the list and let everyone know what's up next.


One last order of business. Should we have a thread for each film we watch or one catch-all thread?


Who's in?

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It sounds great so hopefully more people will respond. I spent a lot of time pondering which film to pick but my favorites may not be another's. So my first pick will be....The Mummy (1999) as it is frightening and fun and the first one I saw at the new movie theatre by my house!

Second choice: The Princess Bride. Anybody got a peanut?

I'm gamed.

But what film to pick first?

My top favorites of All Time that I'll watch over and over, regardless of how many times I've already seen them, in alphabetical order are:


Casino Royale (1960s comedic version)

A Day At The Races

Duck Soup

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

The Maltese Falcon

A Night At The Opera

Singin' In The Rain

The Sting

Superman I (with Christopher Reeve)

2001: A Space Odyssey.

If you're wondering why there is nothing more recent on my list, that's because All-Time favorites take time to become such. There are plenty of movies of more recent vintage that I will watch if the opportunity presents itself.

I'm always checking the TV listings of TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and AMC (American Movie Classics) to see what's coming up.

My least favorite genres are war and any horror movie from the mid-1960s onward, when studios needed to start topping each other on how much blood/guts and depravity could actually be put on the screen. For me, a good horror movie depends more upon the thrill and suspense than the gore. A great horror movie has either Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney (Senior or Junior), Vincent Price, or any Japanese monster.

Otherwise, I'm open to discuss almost anything.

So, maybe I'll just hang out in the back row for a bit and let someone else pick the opening feature.

No salt or butter on my popcorn please, and if they don't have Sprite Zero, I'll take a bottled water.

And I vote for one overall thread, with some kind of announcement post that we're switching movies, or at least have everyone list the movie they are commenting on at the beginning of their post in case someone comes in late and wants to join the fun.

Thanks Phillip and Lee for your interest. Hopefully we'll get a few more interested folks. My plan is to leave this up for the rest of week to get as much interest as possible. Then we can announce maybe Friday the movie we'll be watching.


Phillip since you responded first with your movie of choice we will start with the Mummy. Lee, since you were second we'll watch Casablanca after that. Both of which are great choices for different reasons. The Mummy is a lot of fun. Casablanca is just a terrific movie. I own that one.


Once more people respond and send me there film choices I'll compile a list that I think I can post at the start of this thread.

I'd like to join, but I haven't been able to put aside 90 minutes to watch a movie since ...oh about the time my first daughter was born.


Still, I'll try to join in as best I can.  I've just ordered the Mummy from the library.


Because I haven't seen too many films recently, this might be a good chance to catch up a bit. 


I've been wondering what I should suggest.  At first I thought of an Irish-connected movie of some sort, but it's hard to see one that my library has.  Then I thought about looking up favourite directors and I see the library has one by the Coen Brothers about Irish-American gangsters.


Miller's Crossing it is then.  Always wanted to see it.  Heard good things about it too.


BTW Jason, I didn't rush to look at this thread for a bit because I thought it was some kind of vague question about movies you were asking.  Maybe the title should be more specific?  "let's start a movie discussion group" or somesuch.

Thanks for the suggestion, Figs. It's always great to have you on board. Miller's Crossing is a good pick. I've only seen it once though. It was a birthday gift in 2005, I believe. I hold off on saying anything else though untill we get to it. I've been wanting to watch it again.


I changed the title of the thread but I think I'll changed it again. Once we start watching the movies, I think I'll create another thread where we start discussing the films. So we don't have to go through pages of discussing the set up of the group to get to the good stuff.

I might participate depending on the film, but I wouldn't want to lead a discussion at this time. Lee's list is remarkably similar to movies I would have chosen. The 1999 version of The Mummy is what tracy and I saw on our "zeroeth" date.

We'll be glad to have you Jeff. Go ahead and pick at least one movie. It'll be down the ways on the list so by the time we get to it you might be ready to lead a discussion.


I'm going to have to ask, what's a "zeroeth" date?

Jeff of Earth-J said:

I might participate depending on the film, but I wouldn't want to lead a discussion at this time. Lee's list is remarkably similar to movies I would have chosen. The 1999 version of The Mummy is what tracy and I saw on our "zeroeth" date.
Figserello had a good idea.  If there's something you just never got around to seeing this may be your opportunity.
I'm going to have to ask, what's a "zeroeth" date?

I asked her out for our first date a week in advance, on a Saturday. I had a whole day planned: the Missouri Botanical Gardens, Forrest Park and Union Station in the moring/afternoon, lunch in University City, dinner theatre on the Goldenrod Showboat that evening. When Friday rolled around I found myself with nothing to do, so I asked if she wanted to see a movie the night before our first date was scheduled. Henceforth, that has been known as our "zeroeth date."
This is gonna end in the "Crisis of Infinite Jeffs", isn't it?

I will attempt to participate, but make no promises. I am in the midst of packing stuff up/throwing away, and looking for a new place to live.


Has your countdown for The Mummy already begun?

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