In another thread, I brought up the fact that the Silver Age Wonder Woman had a father and now I have to back that up. I went through Showcase Presents Wonder Woman Volumes 1-3 (The pain, the pain! Man was that repetitive stuff!! Not year to year but issue to issue!) Anyway after suffering through Mer-Boy, Bird-Boy and Mister Genie, these are my findings:

  1. Wonder Woman #105 (Ap'59). Origin retold and revamped. Baby Diana not sculpted from clay, not born on Paradise Island, blessed with her powers by the gods including Amazon Public Enemy #1 Hercules. Later all their men are wiped out from "the wars", with the implication that her father died with them, given her and Queen Hippolyta's grief. Then they travel to Paradise Island with Diana about 12-13 years old.
  2. WW #114 (My'60) Diana is the only child on Paradise Island.
  3. WW #130 (My'62) Hippolyta courted by Hercules not on Paradise Island. She's shown with another man in armor and helmet.
  4. WW #132 (Au'62) Hippoltya again courted by Hercules. She reveals her lost love, Prince Theno, who vanished during a daring sea voyage. He looks a lot like her suitor from #130.
  5. WW #149 (O'64) Hippolyta sculpts a statue of her lost love, not named but resembles Prince Theno. He is missing at sea and afterwards the Amazons arrive on Paradise Island, with Hippolyta holding a younger Diana in her arms.
  6. WW #152 (F'65) Hippolyta consoles Wonder Girl (teen Diana) about missing her father. This is the first time it is explicitly stated that Diana's father was lost at sea.

Therefore the Silver Age Wonder Woman had an actual father, presumably Prince Theno. However the Bronze Age reinstated her Golden Age origin of a clay statue brought to life by Aphrodite in answer to Hippolyta's prayers for a child. Of course they added another statue of darker clay that became Wonder Woman's "Black sister" Nubia in WW #204 (F'73) and #206 (Jl'73). She made two other appearance in Supergirl  #9 (Ja'74) and Super Friends #25 (O'79) as the heroine of Africa.

All other later retellings of the Earth-One Wonder Woman mention neither her father nor Nubia.

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JestersJoker said:

Ron M. said:

Wonder Woman used to be incredibly popular. She was the only superhero besides Superman and Batman (I don't really count Green Arrow since he was appearing in six page stories in the back of somebody else's comic) that survived the end of the Golden Age until the Silver Age got going. I'm still trying to ignore the Superman dumps Lois for her. Major Trevor must be annoyed.

Other than Sorbo I think Hercules has always been depicted as a big dumb action hero. Like in Jason and the Argonauts where he steals from the gods, causing Talos to come to life and getting his buddy killed when the giant falls on him.

That makes me feel you did not see the two Hercules movies that came out last year.
YA, I think Dwayne Johnson & Kellan Lutz would be very unhappy with you.

I think Kellan Lutz would be very unhappy with a lot of people since I've heard his film was very unpopular. Neither looked very intelligent in the trailers.

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