Kinda surprised there wasn't a thread for this--at least not one that I could find-.


So, just watched this, and surprisingly, I liked it.


Certainly it wasn't without fault, but as a reboot of the franchise, I didn't find the plot holes I've seen in many superhero films, nor the out of character decisions.  I thought it worked reasonably well.


* Kevin, that's good villainny.


* I liked the bull session among the newly recruited mutants, and I'm expecting Darwin to pop up again sometime fully whole.


* I was sad that Raven and Hank never really hooked up. 


* I liked recasting Angel as a woman--a dangerous woman.


* Really, the thing that worked best in the movie was that everyone's decisions made sense given the characterizations within the movie.  I bought Angel going to the dark side.  I bought Erik killing Shaw--I mean, c'mon, how couldn't you?  I bought Emma as someone who played the middle for her best outcome, I bought the humans, heck I even bought into Shaw's megalomania.


Okay, feeling stupid here, but who was the mutant creating tornadoes?

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George said:

I was surprised by how much it reminded me of a vintage James Bond movie, with the '60s setting and Cold War doomsday plot. Kevin Bacon was a pretty good Bond villain (albeit with super powers). Even the end credits were done in the Connery-era Bond style.


Also surprised by the body count , the sheer number of sadistically violent deaths. Not a movie for children.


Of course, some of the details were anachronistic for '62. The long hair, sideburns and miniskirts didn't become fashionable until a few years later. But I suppose these things say "60s" to people who may not know much about the decade -- in the same way that malt shops, jukeboxes and tail-finned cars are used to let audiences know a movie is set in the '50s.



...Yeah , I guess i didn't get that up here - Perhaps we were , then , in a world where , just as super-powered mutants were discovered there , what we think of as the " Carnaby St./SWingin'/Groovy " Sixties styles of slang , hair and (especially on the women) clothes

Some thoughts:

  • My wife and I also noticed the anachronistic clothing, but came to the same conclusion -- it was done to set the film for people who didn't live through the 1960s, which would be most people.
  • Not only was Shaw a good Bond villain, but the vibe carried through (at least for me) with Emma Frost. Her outfits were very Frost-ian, but with a '60s sensibility. She looked very much like a '60s Bond girl to me.
  • The Fred Duncan thing occurred to me, too, even though he was FBI and not CIA. I kept waiting hopefully for a name, but alas. IMDB refers to him as "Man in Black Suit."
  • I knew the weather-powered characters was a Marauder, but I kept wanting to call him Typhoon. Thanks, y'all, for setting me straight!
  • The two male leads -- McAvoy and Fassbender -- were downright excellent.
  • Xavier is American, but McAvoy's accent was thoroughly British. Magneto is German, but Fassbender's Irish accent kept sneaking out. Banshee is Irish in the comics, but was very American here. It's accent musical chairs!
  • I also suspect Darwin will be back. His power is to adapt, so he adapted in this case to being a bunch of ashes. Probably sentient particulate, like Sandman.
  • Bacon was a really great villain. He developed mannerisms, a walking style, even speech patterns that made you want to hit him.

A really good movie overall, I thought, but my wife thought there was too much fighting and was otherwise ho-hum. So there's that.





I realized

Yes, it was a good movie, better than I expected. After Vaughn's last movie, "Kick-Ass," I was afraid it might be played for laughs, but he took the material seriously -- though there was some welcome humor (especially the cameo by you-know-who).


Who knows, maybe these X-Men were ahead of their time, fashion-wise, just as Marvel gave Thor long hair years before it came in style for men, and had Dr. Strange living in Greenwich Village, dabbling in Eastern mysticism and having psychedelic visions before anyone knew what a hippie was.

I just saw an ad proclaiming that this movie is the " reviewed movie of the Summer." No, gosh darn it, it isn't! Summer hasn't even started yet. Check your $*&# calendar!

"Xavier is American, but McAvoy's accent was thoroughly British."


Thanks to Patrick Stewart's casting in the first 3 movies, a British accent will probably be expected of all future Xaviers. I don't think any of the movies have mentioned Xavier's service in the Korean War (in the U.S. Army), though I doubt it's brought up much in the comics these days, either.

He was probably in Afghanistan now.  Every comic character with a war history not tied to WWII has pretty much been updated to Afghanistan, the only notable exception being the Punisher.
My parents saw the movie today and loved it. They've enjoyed the other X-films and liked how this tied in to them. My parents tend to like the comic book movies but I usually have to convince them to see them. I think by now they would've learned, that I rarely steer them wrong when it comes to these things. Actually, I didn't know that they had seen it today. I knew they were thinking about. I just received a text from my mom saying "X-men was awesome".

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