When I was still in high school, I used to buy the heck out of the quarter-bins from my first LCS. But the first time I paid REAL money for an older comic which it was then, it was $15 for Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76 (signed by Neal Freakin' Adams) and $20 for Avengers #57 (1st App. Vision).


Which was yours?

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Miracleman #15 and Incredible Hulk #181...
$500 for Brave and Bold #28
That’s a difficult question for me to answer because I don’t think of my comics in terms of price, but value.

When I was very young (way before I had a checking account of my own), my grandmother used to purchase backissues of The Incredible Hulk for me via mailorder, first from Richard Alf (twice), then through Mile High Comics (which bought him out). Most of those issues were in the $2-3 range IIRC. My biggest regret is not buying issue #1 for $30, but that was so far beyond the realm of possibility I never even asked.

After I had a checking account and driver’s license of my own and my Hulk collection was complete, I used to hunt down backissues of the Avengers. Most of those were in the $3-5 range at the time. Although I did eventually acquire all of the Lee/Kirby issues, I don’t recall how or when or how much I paid.

For our first wedding anniversary (paper), my wife bought a copy of Green Lantern #40 for me, but because it was a gift, I don’t know how much it cost.

There aren’t just too many backissues I want that I don’t already have. The most I remember paying for a backissues recently (within the last five years or so) is $10 for Jonah Hex Spectacular.

Our Army at War #237, October 1971. I paid a whopping $7 for it, which, at the time, was more than I could afford. To this day, I can't pay more than $7 for a back issue, even though that $7 would be about $18 today. (Yesterday, I was at my friendly neighborhood comics shop, and I saw a one-shot from DC at $6.99 and shuddered.)
My first comic I spent a good chunk of money on was Green Lantern #14, the 1st appearance of Sonar. I believe I paid $18 for it at the time (mid-'80s).
If you ask me which comic or collection has the most "value" to me, it would be the Essential Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 I own because John Romita, Sr. drew a Mary Jane Watson on the inside front cover for me. And he did that for free! He was so nice, telling stories about the old bullpen days while he drew it...I was literally shaking when I walked away.
I think it was an issue of Amazing Spider-man where Peter asks MJ to marry him..the first time. It was $5, I think, maybe $7 or $8. I haven't ever paid more than that for a back issue.
I think the first back-issue I bought was Flash #151, but I couldn't have paid more than 4 or 5 bucks for it. A few years later, I picked up Swamp Thing #20 (Moore's first issue) for $12; that's the one that stands out as really being the first big purchase.

Mark S. Ogilvie said:
I really can't remember? Wow, I should be able to.


If you like, I'll sell you an old issue of Youngblood for a whole lot of money. That'd be memorable. Photobucket
I don't think I've ever spent more than a buck or two above cover price for a back issue of any book.
1000$ for Avengers volume 1, number 1. I sold it at a loss several years later when I needed the cash.
One of my accountant brother-in-law's maxims is

"Only buy when everyone is selling and only sell when everyone is buying!"

He's annoying that way...

Still, you probably made more when you sold it than you would today?

As for myself, I've always been more interested in the reading experience than the monetary value.

It did mean that when I was collecting back issue runs of David's Hulk, Simonson's Thor Kirby's Madbomb-era Captain America and Miller's Daredevil in the 90's that I paid over the odds for some of them (ST£5-10). It's just what I had to do in the days before everything was collected.

I'd thought some of them might have grown in value, but they've all shown up in the bargain bin since though...

Probably the oldest comic I have is a Silver Age Batman comic where he's been turned into chalk! They don't make em like that any more! A friend found it when he cleaned out the attic of the house he'd just moved into. The little mouse-bites on the edges probably diminish its value somewhat...

Also I have some original Forever People and Fourth World Jimmy Olsen comics which are great to own, but they are hardly in mint condition.

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