Empyre, Marvel's 2020 event

Did anyone read Incoming #1? My LCS was sold out. What did it have to say about this?

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    David Warren

    Brainiac 5?

    Captain Comics said:

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    Captain Comics

    Revenge for Colu!

    Does anyone know what the deal is with Hulkling? I mean, his boyfriend is an Earthman, and he's lived here his whole life. How is it that he's leading two empires in a war against us? And even so, why would they trust him? It looks like the third-act reveal is already sitting out on the table, where Hulkling takes our side, having sabotaged his own armies. But they wouldn't be that obvious, would they? WOULD THEY?

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    John Dunbar

    The new release date forĀ Empyre # 0: Avengers is Wed, June 24, and forĀ Empyre # 0: Fantastic Four, it is Wed July 8.