COVID-19 and comics

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    Richard Willis

    On Thursday I finally picked up three comics at my LCS here in Los Angeles County. They started using a website called Customers were provided an account showing what books had come in for them and pay online for curbside pickup. I'm friends with the owner and the manager. The manager said they had just set up so customers could come inside. Obviously, masks and distancing are required. I told him I would probably come inside next time. My pull list is very short, so that may not be next week.

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    Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

    My shop reopened a few weeks ago; for the last few weeks, it's been appointment only, with slots every half hour. I went the first week and this week, but skipped last week...and let my books sit out in the car for a day or so before I read them. A little Car-rentine. 

    Next week, they said they're back to business as usual, so I won't need to make an appointment anymore. But they'll be closed Thursdays & Mondays now, instead of just Mondays.  

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    Jeff of Earth-J

    I asked my retailer today about DC's new ordering process, specifically whether or not we can expect a standard catalog printed on paper going forward. The answer is... maybe. (Apparently the answer changes from day to day.) Initially, after DC's listings appeared in Previews without a paper counterpart, the answer was that there would be no paper catalogs from now on, that everything would be online. After retailer and consumer backlash, they said no paper catalog next month because the situation is sytill in flux, but there supposedly will be some form of paper catalog in the future.