Anything, Everything, or Nothing At All

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    JD DeLuzio

    That really stings.

    It looks like someone beat Dr. Wertham to the "comics as the root of all evil" riff, though using a different medium.

    Jeff of Earth-J said:

    What are we blaming youth violence on these days? Is it still video games? I remember when it used to be heavy metal music. I just read about a case predating both of these developments attributed to a different cause. On September 23, 1937, in Toledo, Ohio, 12-year-old Bobby Snyder drew a Mauser automatic pistol and shot and wounded his 60-year-old principal, June Mapes, in the school office. Police theorized that he was driven to the attack by exciting radio shows such as The Green Hornet.

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    Jeff of Earth-J

    "That really stings."

    I see what you did there.

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    Remember how every episode of Hill Street Blues began with the morning roll call?

    Remember the moment Cop Rock took it one step further?

    As the good Sgt. Esterhaus would say: "All right, that's it; let's roll. And hey, hey, hey -- let's be careful out there."


    Hill Street Blues: "'Let's Be Careful Out There' Supercut"

    Cop Rock: "Let's Be Careful Out There"