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Edison, NJ

United States

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  • Commander Benson

    Rob, now maybe, with your godlike powers of moderation, you can help me with something.

    As I typically do, when I post one column for approval, I go back to the previous one, correct all the errors/typos which escaped all of my prior proofreading, and submit that previous one for (re)approval.


    When I posted my current Deck Log Entry (the Legion Quiz), I also reposted the previous "Mars or Bust!" entry, after cleaning it up.  Usually the reposted column gets approved at the same time the new one is. 


    But for some reason, the "Mars or Bust!" column is still waiting approval.  I don't know who the system decides what moderator gets what stuff to approve, but if you can give me an inkling on how to get "Mars or  Bust!" reapproved, I'd appreciate it.



    Commander B

  • PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod

    How's that?

  • Richard Mantle

    Thanks for the welcome! I've been 'lurking' and reading many a thread for quite a while!