Philip Portelli


College Point, NY

United States

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  • Richard Mantle

    I know they're not that inspiring but aren't we gonna get your virws on those last pre-crisis jla/jsa issues?
  • Figserello

    I'd like to echo said sentiments, though I know you're very busy these days. 




  • Kirk G

    Henry K has asked me to relay an invitation to you:  I'd appreciate it if you could let Luke Blanchard, Phillip Portelli, and anyone else who posted in my "NEW GODS", "WESTERNS" and "BIBLE" threads know about my KIRBY LAND group.

    After a Jack Kirby Fan Group forum was hijacked by an unscrupulous individual on Facebook, Henry began his own forum, titled "Kirbyland" where he, and like-minded individuals continue to promote their beliefs on Facebook.    

    He wanted you to know.