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  • Bill Cromer

    After all these years, that's all I get, "Welcome aboard" ? Geez, it's not like I've only know you longer than any human on this planet outside my siblings.  Seriously, I hope all is well. Speaking of siblings, how's Clyde, Bethany and Persilla (sp?)? Hal, Randy and Karen (mine) are still alive and kicking. I hope you're doing OK. My life has been eventful, good and bad. You must be in hog heaven with all the movies finally able to match people's imagination with the CGI and all.  Every time I go to one or read a comic, I can't help but think of you, old friend. Yes, you're living rent free in my skull.  Stop it. Stop it now...damn, didn't work. I live in Charleston, SC.  Great place. Come visit...or else...


  • Richard Willis

    Are you going to write an article on the show Cloak & Dagger, which debuts June 7 on the Freeform cable channel (formerly ABC Family)?

  • Captain Comics

    I have one scheduled for week after next. What's up?