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Santa Cruz, CA

United States

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  • Cavaliere (moderator emeritus)

    Hi, Emerkeith. You may not be aware of it but I'm one of the moderators for this site. I denied your submitted blog post because it wasn't an essay but merely a topic starter. If you had discussed the subject then it might have been approved. With the exception of the weekly shipping lists, our blogs are essays where the author discusses the topic they wish to examine.


    You're quite welcome to post what you wrote in the discussion forums and I encourage you to do so.


    Towards the future...


    Jeff Alan Polier

    Captain Comics moderating team

  • Emerkeith Davyjack

    ...I hadn't had time to go into it before my time ran out .
  • Philip Portelli

    I'm not that clever or knowledgeable, Emerkeith! He's just the Golden Age Terrfic Whatzit!