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  • Figserello

    Pokemon Nintendo games in live action form!


    (Warning - slightly disturbing content)



  • Richard Mantle

    Hi Mr Baron sir,
    I was wondering - I have just about 'caught-up' with my 'INVADERS' thread - going issue by issue through their history - and I'm scrambling looking for another series with which to critique in the same vein.
    I am very aware of your 're-reads' and the recent 'Avengers' issues you've covered.
    Unless you have any great desire to do so yourself or any objection at all -- I would like to take up the Avengers as a series from about #150 onwards...?

    I reckon by then the earliest stuff - Kaps Kooky Quartet - Vision - Squadron supreme - KreeSkrull war - Avengers-Defenders war - even the Celestial madonna stuff is all over and the team and the title kind of entered a new phase that I'd love to pick up from.
    If you DID intend on covering those issues etc I would of course quite happily go find some other series to wax lyrical about.
    I do think the 'early Avengers' and this later phase could even run alongside quite easily as threads?

    Anyway, how would you feel?
    Please be candid.

  • Richard Mantle

    HI, I think I have unboxed you but...I am coming to the end of my `INVADERS` thread and would like to do a similar issue-by-issue critique of the Avengers - but not wanting to step on your "Baron 're-reads" early Avengers thread - I was thinking of beginning from #150 -?  Would that be okay with you?