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Heading to the Tower

By Andrew A. Smith

Scripps Howard News Service

May 12, 2009 -- Marvel’s Dark Tower: Treachery has topped the New York Times graphic-novel best-seller list for two weeks, and there’s a reason for that: It’s really, really good.

Treachery continues Marvel’s history of Roland Deschain, the protagonist of Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” novel series, that began with the first two best-selling DT graphic novels, The Gunslinger Born and The… Continue

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To Boldly Reboot...

By Andrew A. Smith

Scripps Howard News Service

May 19, 2009 -- As Star Trek continues to soar effortlessly at the top of the box office, it’s obvious that auteur J.J. Abrams has figured out how to stretch the franchise’s appeal beyond the hard-core fans. And yet, the new movie also appeals to the Trekkers (or Trekkies, or – as I call ‘em – “my peeps”).

How’d he do that? By being very, very smart.

For example, more than a few new fans… Continue

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First Blog Post

Okay, so I registered (how I hate that word, such negative vibes, probably from reading all those Claremont X-Men issues all those years ago!) and now I'm testing the blog area.

I like the fact that we can change 'skins' of the site. We can chat in real time, if we want. A lot of good stuff! I think this site will work out a lot better and we may even draw MORE people than we had at the other site.

Good job all around!

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So If I Wanted To Add Content To The Front Page...

...I could?

For the love of Grodd, have you thought this through, man?

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Well, what do you think?

I guess another good way to test things out is to try out the comments section of this blog area. Cap, the Commander, Chris, heck, anybody we want can post a blog here and folks can comment right at the bottom of it. This would eliminate the need for separate forums for the comments to them on the board.

So let's give it a shot: What do you see as the benefits of using this site? What would be the disadvantages?


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Welcome to the potential new site.

If you haven't registered, go ahead and get started. Look around, play with stuff, upload a few pictures. If you are at all used to Facebook, this will seem very comfortable to you.

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Repost: CrossGen: Analysis of a Collapse

Okay, some might say I was commissioned. Others might say I offered. But here are my thoughts concering what went on at CrossGen and why the company ultimately failed.

Before I begin, however, I’d like to address a couple of preliminary matters. First, it seems like everyone is looking for that one single answer as to why CrossGen failed. The truth is very rarely that simple. The story behind…


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