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Be Here Now - DC One Million Epilogue, part I

Secret Files and Origins - JLA in Crisis (Nov 1998)


Having reached the end of our…


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And So the Future is Written - DC One Million Week 5

Being the latest instalment of our reasonably …


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The Future is Worth It - DC One Million Week 4



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Ghosts at the Feast - A DC One Million Interlude

This is one of a series of posts on DC One Million, the Grant Morrison-helmed, month-long, macro-crossover from 1998.


In this installment we're looking at some of the 'ghosts' haunting the celebration of Superman's return from eons of exile in the Sun - one writer notable by his absence, and four ongoing titles that more or less wrapped up during DC One Million. Follow the…


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“Mechanical Plagues, Solar Computers... “ DC One Million - Week 3

Welcome to the latest in a series of blog posts looking at DC One Million, Grant Morrison's epic 1998 JLA crossover. This installment is organised around week 3 of of the 5-week saga, as we follow one of the two main strands of this sprawling eons-spanning story to its climax. There are some SPOILERS ahead...


(You might like to catch up with Week 1 and…


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“More than years. More than miles.” DC One Million - Week 2

[Part of our Grant Morrison Reading Project]


Welcome to the second part of my week-by-week look at DC One Million, the JLA mega-crossover from September 1998.  Part 1 can be found here.  Let's jump straight into the Morrison-penned 2nd issue of the central…


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Many Septembers from Now: DC One Million - Week 1

"We were just sitting around talking, about how they've done the zero issues, and what's the most ludicrous thing you could think of in the other direction. Issue one million was the answer. I suggested it as a crossover and it just grew out of the idea of what would be these titles' millionth issues, and what year it would all take place in?"

Grant Morrison, describing the origin of DC One Million.

(from Writers on Comics…


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St Swithin’s Day

St Swithin’s Day, a comicbook tale of a lonely disaffected youth, has a unique place in Grant Morrison’s output. Rather than being a tale of brightly-clad super-people outshining us all, or 5th dimensional Gods breaking into reality, the action is set in the… Continue

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Zoids – Our Plastic Toys at War, Part Two.

Contexts 2 – Comics to sell toys by...

A discussion of toy-related comics.…


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Zoids – Our Plastic Toys at War, Part One

This post is a continuation of our look at the complete works of Grant Morrison, but this particular post isn't about Grant Morrison, so disbelievers in the 'God of All Comics' may like to stick around for a bit...

Anyone following my delve into Morrison’s work might have noticed that my posts on the topic have been on hiatus for a while. Of course, life and work gets in the way, but I’ve…


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