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Girl Power: An Interview with Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti

"Everyone has preconceived notions about the character: 'She’s a component of a team and not a star,' 'she’s confusing and redundant,' 'she’s a breast joke' and so on. The challenge and goal is simply to make an enjoyable comic book and not worry about anything else." -- Justin Gray

See what else the writers of DC's new Power Girl series say about the character re-launch on our sister site,… Continue

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The Art of the Re-Launch: The Dan DiDio Interview

"If you’re going to spend more time explaining time who the character is, you’re never going to be able to move the story ahead. You’re always going to have to go backward and explain over and over again. When you have that simple, clear definition of a character, you’re able to explain the story outward." -- Dan DiDio

See what else the head honcho of the DC superhero universe says about not just the re-launches of Flash and Power Girl, but his philosophy of how a character… Continue

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Flash Facts: The Geoff Johns Interview

"Flash: Rebirth when you look at it, is a detective story, a mystery. Someone has perpetrated the worst crime ever on The Flash and the Flash family. And that’s what Rebirth is: It’s the solving of that crime." -- Geoff Johns

See what else DC's superstar writer has to say about the Scarlet Speedster's re-launch on our sister site, I post my entire interview… Continue

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Green Lama: Super-Champion of Civil Rights

By Andrew A. Smith

Scripps Howard News Service

June 23, 2009 -- A lot of comics from the past are offensive to modern sensibilities, reflecting as they do the derogatory racial stereotypes prevalent at the times. Not so Green Lama, a 1940s character being reprinted by Dark Horse.

In some ways, the Lama is fairly… Continue

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Martians, Jungle Queens and a 'Little Fat Nothing'

By Andrew A. Smith

Scripps Howard News Service

June 16, 2009 -- Some say the future ain’t what is used to be. But those folks clearly haven’t read Science Fiction Classics: Graphic Classics Vol. 17 ($22.50), where the future is just like we remember!

The Graphics Classics line of anthologies has, for 16 volumes, adapted famous works of literature to comics, including entire books devoted to an eclectic array of authors, such as Ambrose Bierce,… Continue

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Captain America: Reborn

It's official: A previous Captain America is coming back, and it's Steve Rogers. Here's Marvel's press release, complete with the three (so far) covers. Let me know what you think about this, Legionnaires.


The one true Captain America, Steve Rogers, returns in Captain America Reborn #1

Five-Issue Series Chronicling the Return Begins July 1, 2009…


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Power Girl: Back to the Future

By Andrew A. Smith

Scripps Howard News Service

June 9, 2009 -- For one of the most attractive and popular characters in DC’s superhero books, Power Girl is a bit of a mess. But two writers have vowed to clean her up.

“The fans were demanding [a Power Girl book],” said co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti, “DC Comics wanted to try it and the guys in charge liked what we did on a few other books and rolled the dice and gave us a shot.”…


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DC's superstars highlighted in hardback

By Andrew A. Smith

Scripps Howard News Service

June 2, 2009 -- DC Comics is undergoing something of a superhero renaissance of late, which is reflected in a host of terrific collections in my Teetering Tower of Revew Stuff:

* The history leading up to Final Crisis ($29.99, by Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones and Doug Mahnke) is a long, strange trip – as is the book itself.

Short history: DC’s superhero books have a tradition dating back to… Continue

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