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Selected Superman Stories from the Past 22 Years

584-1 Superman is one of my favorite heroes. Yet my Superman collection is somewhat sporadic. There are so many issues from so many titles over so many years that it’s…


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Real Quick Recent Reviews

841391-42_super Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #42: Better than it’s been lately with an Easter Egg for fans of the video game (Malak invites Jarael to join him in the Mandalorian War) and the suggestion of a new direction (Zayne suggests to Jarael that they take down the Crucible slavers’ guild instead) but still not as good as it was when it was at its best.

Mighty… Continue

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Why Anthologies Don’t Work (And Why Wednesday Comics Might Be an Exception)

Americans like choice. And when it comes to our entertainment, we want what we want when we want it. Some cultural critics might complain that this shows a deficiency of character in the American people. I’m not making any moral judgments on that subject today. I’m simply noting that’s the way it is, and any entertainment companies that fail to reckon with that reality will find themselves in trouble.

We see this in the music industry. Fans want their music affordable and accessible.… Continue

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Summer is a Great Time for Comics

My love affair with comics started during the summer. Every year, my family would go on a camping trip for several weeks. My mom knew that she had to find ways to keep us kids occupied for several hours in the car while we drove from the city to one national park after another. She’d buy us hidden ink books and crossword puzzles. She’d make sure the car was stocked with snacks like red licorice. She taught us the classic road games, like keeping track of license plates from different states and… Continue

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Star Wars on Trial Revisited

StarWars A couple of months ago, I wrote a pair of articles in which I addressed some of the issues raised in the “Star Wars on Trial” book by Benbella Books. I admittedly hadn’t read the book at the time but was wading into the debates in advance. Since then, I’ve finally gotten…


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The Best of Babylon 5, Part Two

6c_d_4603_0_Babylon5Season4 My leave is almost over, but we’re not quite done looking at my favorite science-fiction shows. We still have time to look at two more seasons of Babylon 5” and maybe even a little bit

more. I had a harder time picking the

best episodes of season four than any other season. There are simply so many great episodes in

that season that it would be a lot easier to…


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The Best of Babylon 5, Part One

6a00e54ee394bf883300e553ff77458834-800wi 510ZEB88ZBL._SS500_ While I’m on leave, the “Fluit Notes” column is taking a bit of break

as well. Instead of writing about comics, I’m taking a look at

some of my favorite science-fiction shows. For the past two…


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Repost: CrossGen: Analysis of a Collapse

Okay, some might say I was commissioned. Others might say I offered. But here are my thoughts concering what went on at CrossGen and why the company ultimately failed.

Before I begin, however, I’d like to address a couple of preliminary matters. First, it seems like everyone is looking for that one single answer as to why CrossGen failed. The truth is very rarely that simple. The story behind…


Added by Chris Fluit on August 14, 2004 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment


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