Let's get Wonder Woman the big numbers!

She's beaten everyone from the Cheetah to Darkseid but there's one foe Wonder Woman is finding truly implacable - Dan DiDio.
DC's Executive Editor has so far resisted all calls to give the Amazon a 600th issue, reflecting her position in comics history - even though recent years have seen such books as Superman, Fantastic Four, Thor and, soon, Captain America, dump the new volumes for big numbers.

On Newsarama.com Mr DiDio recently said of his determination not to see Wonder Woman renumbered: 'I just don’t see the need to do it – it’s not going to change the stories we tell, it’s not going to change who the character is, it’s not going to change a single thing about her. She still stands with the sense of history and legacy that she has always had, and we do nothing but treat her with the utmost respect due to one of the primary characters of the DC Universe. Anyone who thinks otherwise, and needs a #600 issue to prove it is mistaken.'

Well, fans aren't going to take that. Members of the DC Message Boards, at the suggestion of rabid Wonder Woman fan Carol Strickland, plan to besiege Mr DiDio with postcards demanding (in a polite, Amazonian manner) that the June 2010 issue isn't #45, as it would be under the current series numbering, but #600 - a figure that combines all issues of the three volumes of Wonder Woman that have appeared since 1942. And that after that the book remains in the 600s.

DC has been pushing the idea of Wonder Woman being on an equal standing with Superman and Batman, even calling them 'the Trinity', but still leaves her at the back of the comic book bus in many important ways. Superman and Batman both have titles in the upper #600s, as well as ones in the upper 800s. Now’s the time to let Wonder Woman’s single title break through DC’s glass ceiling and hit the #600s. Hey, if Mr DiDio says it won't make any difference, how about letting it not make a difference in a direction that will please fans who do care? After all, the sales boost from the new #1 of a few years back is over - a #600 would be something on which to hang a new wave of promotion.

If you'd like to see Princess Diana soar ever upwards, send a postcard (people pay more attention to snail than e-mail) to Dan DiDio, Senior VP/Executive Editor, DC Comics, 1700 Broadway, New York, NY 10019.

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Comment by Figserello on June 24, 2009 at 9:18pm
Marvel switches back and forth willy-nilly, but I don't think DC have a history of changing the numbering of comics. Hasn't Batman always been clocking up his issues as he goes?

Did Action comics ever reset to #1?

I know Superman did with the John Byrne thing, but there was a good in-story reason for switching back to the old numbering when that reboot finally ran out of steam with IC.

Still, DC's posturing about the Trinity aside, not many characters manage to get 600 issues out over 70 years. That alone is worth something even if the comic was kept in print as a loss-leader for the line of Duvets, lunchboxes, tv shows etc. I'm surprised they are not using the fact to boost sales and get interest from other media.

Wonder Woman only gets lip-service from DC these days anyway. They are afraid of strong women!


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