The 2009 Inkwell Awards Winners Announced!

Your humble Captain was part of the nominating/voting procedure, but he won't tell you how he voted! See if your opinions are mirrored below:


June 6: Voting for the second annual Inkwell Awards officially ended on the 30th of June and the results are now posted on the official web-site (

This year saw the voting process refined, streamlined and no longer career retrospective in theme (except for the Hall of Fame). New categories were added and redundant ones removed. Instead of an open ballot, ala 2008, this year has seen a collection of nominators consisting of notable industry experts, journalists and professionals alike who have elected to vote for artists in those categories. The nominators will elect the artists they believe fit the categories, the committee will validate those choices, and voting will then be open for the general public. The overall winners will be those artists with the most votes at the end of the process. A full list of the nominators can be found at the Inkwell Awards web-site ( The nominators will be a rotating list, changing from year to year, to ensure diversity and fairness in both the nominating and voting process.
Voting again was fierce and without any further ado, here are the results:

FAVORITE INKER (favourite inker over another's comic book pencil art from '08 material)

* Wade Von Grawbadger (Ultimate Spider-Man) winner

* Mark Morales (Thor, Secret Invasion) runner-up

MOST ADAPTABLE (showing exceptional ink style versatility over other comic book pencil artists in '08)

* Tim Townsend (Amazing Spider-Man) winner

* Danny Miki (Incredible Hercules, Ultimate annuals) runner-up

PROPS AWARD (inker over others comic book pencil art deserving of more attention from '08)

* Matt Ryan (Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman) winner

* Stefano Gaudiano (The Immortal Iron Fist, Daredevil) co-runner-up

* Steve Leialoha (Fables) co-runner-up

THE SPAMI (favourite Small Press And Mainstream-Independent: '08 comic book cover-dated ink work over another pencil artist (Non-Marvel or DC work))

* Tim Townsend (Witchblade) winner

* Tom Van Zandt (Unhappy Grana) runner-up

ALL IN ONE AWARD (Favourite artist known for almost-exclusively inking his/her own comic book pencil work and rarely the work of others in '08)

* Mike Mignola (Hellboy: In the Chapel of Moloch) winner

* Simone Bianchi (Astonishing X-Men) runner-up

THE JOE SINNOTT AWARD (a hall of fame designation for an inking career of outstanding accomplishment (lifetime achievement, 15-years minimum- not limited to '08 comic book material)- two winners chosen annually)

* Terry Austin (winner)

* Dick Giordano (winner)

* Tim Townsend (runner-up)

In addition the Inkwell Committee will also be presenting a Silver Inkwell Award to Bette Simons, in appreciation and recognition for her brother Dave Simons. Dave passed away recently and is greatly missed by many, both as a colleague and as a friend. The committee honors past members with such an award for their contributions and time served. In the past a Silver Inkwell was also bestowed to founding member Bill Nichols upon his departure.

The Inkwell Award Committee would like to formally extend congratulations to all the winners and runners up. Winners will be presented their awards in about a month via mail. A full list of the winners and runners up received is posted on The Inkwell Web-Site (


I am very flattered to receive this award that, up till a couple days ago, I didn't even know existed. This means a lot since I'm getting this for CHAPEL OF MOLOCH, the first comic I've actually drawn in a few years--I will take this as a very clear sign that I should get back to drawing comics as soon as possible. Thanks for the nudge. -- Mike Mignola July, 2009

As I get older, I find I more appreciate having my lifetime accomplishments recognized. It is even more exciting when I am recognized by an award given by a body of my peers! Thank you one and all! -- Dick Giordano

I'm very happy and honored to receive the Joe Sinnott Award for two reasons: first, I'll be proud to display this award named for one of my great, good friends (it was Joe who I sprang to the telephone to call when I learned that I had won the other day and I think he was more tickled than I was), and secondly, sharing the award with my old friend and mentor Dick Giordano is especially meaningful to me, for if not for Dick's gentle guidance when I learned the ropes from him as background inker on CONAN, THOR, DRACULA, SUPERMAN VS. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and so many others, I sincerely doubt that anyone would judge my work worthy of this or any other award today. Thanks very much! -- Terry Austin

It is a great honor for me to receive this award. It is so gratifying to be recognized for my work as an inker, and I thank and all of those who voted for me. And of course, thanks to Aaron Lopresti for giving me such fantastic pencils to ink over. He makes my job easy. -- Matt Ryan

Thank you so much for this experience! I appreciate the chance to represent my craft in some way and am grateful to all the people who took the time to place a vote! I also must thank Stuart Immonen for providing such wonderful pencils! It's truly a privilege to be given the opportunity to not mess them up!!! It's an awesome feeling to have been nominated at all and to have been chosen from this field is a great honor! Thanks again. -- Wade von Grawbadger

I am both thrilled and honored to accept these awards and would like to thank not only those who voted for me but those who took the time to participate across the board. Inking is an art form as valid and deserving of recognition as any other. All of you who participated in this have helped to further its cause. Inking is finally coming out of the shadows! Lastly, I'd like to dedicate these awards to Inkwell Committee member and friend, Dave Simons, who left us too soon. -- Tim Townsend

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